HOA wants new landscaping at entrance.

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by gulfjoe, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. gulfjoe

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    An HOA has asked me to give them a quote for an overhaul of a new sign that was build about 1 year ago. It needs, shrubs, raised beds, flowers, trees, sod prep and sod installation. Sod is at 2000sqft. mulch bed is probably 250sqft right in front of the sign. I quoted $3500 to complete this job in 3-4. Please let me know what you think about the quote. Side note the HOA told me they had a $1500 budget.

    The photo that says Garrett Creek is what they want their sign too look like. (last photo)





  2. whiffyspark

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    For 1500 I'd do the mulch bed and then just seed or hydro seed. Obviously sod isn't in their budget
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  3. alldayrj

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    Yea that sod is 2500 to me. But who knows, a lot of people throw a low budget number hoping youll match it.
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  4. gulfjoe

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    Is my quote high or low or just about right. I know lots of factors go in to everyone's quotes but shoot me a ballpark.
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  5. zacher

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    Seems pretty fair to me, I would've gone a little higher maybe 3750.. Sod usually runs $1 per foot for me with installation time from start (tilling) to finish.. Then the beds look like it will be work.

    I mean the quote is fair for what they wanted but if I knew the budget going in I would've given a couple options with what they could do with that budget and then how much the whole revamp would cost. That way.. They tell you low budget but really it's triple.. Boom you got the full project.. If their budget is really what they tell you then they have an idea the work they can get done and know you'll be more than happy to help...

    Just my two cents went I go into bids knowing the budget of the customer
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  6. gulfjoe

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    If I was going to do it I was going to do the entire thing and another kicker is I live I this HOA. So I would have to see my work everyday, so it would have to be perfect.
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