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  1. anj

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    I Got A Call From A Person That I Know Who Lives In A Subdivision With Homes In $200k. I Did A Few Lawns In The Sub Last Year. She Wants Me To Bid On Doing The Entry Into The Subdivision. Has Anyone Had Any Problems With Hoa's ? Whats The Rule Of Thumb When Bidding For Them?
  2. Albery's Lawn & Tractor

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    Lowest bid wins.
  3. oak1787

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    what he says lowest bid wins dont matter if u do a good job or not..
  4. fiveoboy01

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    I wouldn't say that's necessarily true, I think HOAs want you to do a good job but they are cheap at the same time.

    I have heard of LCOs losing contracts for HOA entrances because frankly the cut looked like crap...
  5. MJB

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    I have several HOA's and once you get the contract this opens the door for offering more services etc. Make a good impression and and don't let them walk all over you and they can be very good customer... But not all work that way. So don't under bid , bid it where you can live with it. When they ask you to do more just make sure you let them know there will be an extra charge for it.
  6. David Gretzmier

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    I think of HOA's or POA's as an advertising operatunity. you get paid to be there, but I have never just done the HOA. I always got several homes in the neighborhood because they saw me out front. I got a POA for a VERY nice subdivision for Christmas Lights 2 years ago, and I picked up 3 houses for Lights right after that. The POA pays ok, but add in 3 homes and the money multiply's. You could even ask for thier mailing list to offer your service to everyone in the neighborhood by a letter. good luck- dave g
  7. JW Lawn

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    I picked up a huge HOA 15 acres... ..and 22 people bid on it. I had 7 people bid lower than me!!! We got it because they actually cared about the quality of work :walking:

    And wait there's more....when the cuts done...I go the treasures house and collect my check....now thats crazy!! and they want it that way..
  8. topsites

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    It's all fine and dandy until you get to the bitches, that 2-3 out of every 100 or so members who have too much time on their hands, I hear say having a large Lco with many employees helps buffer the bitches. Most to all association members are pretty decent, but you always get at least 1, and these folks won't rear their heads until after you get into it, there is no advance warning other than one day, there they are.

    Because I can tell you one thing, as a solo operator I can't deal with someone come running their mouth acting like I have to cater to them, folks like that catch the short end of my fuse real quick, and then the whole contract is fast on the way to being over.

    So as a solo, I can not recommend nor will I ever deal with multi-owner properties, being by myself it's not worth the headaches... If I had 50 or 100 guys standing around, even just 4-5 trucks and at least one person to answer the phone, I think that would probably be ok then.
  9. Fantasy Lawns

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    I have a standing rule with the HOA's any complaint needs to be on HOA letter-head ...... or from the person whom signs the check .... I have 1 in which we do all the homes in it .... n going into my 6th year their it takes time fore them to gain the trust

    I have a recent one just picked up few months ago ...n the lady whom at the time was the VP n the one whom hired me .... recently called to complain about something I had no control off ..... a car ran into the main brick wall n she wondered why we had not removed the dead shrubs n replant the pushed over ones .... I explained I can submit a bid .... n she was angry that this wasn't something I would "just do" ... I reminded her that if the HOA is that upset please have em send me a written complaint on letter head

    Last I heard from her

    N I was not the cheapest ... we get $440 per month on a yearly contract ....when the past LCO was getting $300
  10. DiyDave

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    Just a quickie-Most of the Hoa's that I have dealt with have been a PITA, do something at one end of the development, and then the other end starts saying why didn't you do that at our end? (Even if they were at the meeting when it was voted on.)

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