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The horror stories about HOA's are everywhere in the archives, but I must vent about one of ours. We just lost the account because a few of the homowners wanted to see one of their fathers get the account since he is retired now. In spite of 13 years of service, good relationships, and a good job that most of the homeowner's were in agreement with, they gave it away for one month trail to the retired gentleman. He has no overhead, no experience, cannot push snow, one man operation, not licensed, possibly not insured, no logos, basically.....no professionalism.

I could not make an argument to keep the account based on $$$ alone. I price my accounts to make a profit and maintain a credible, insured professional business. I "REFUSE" to compete with a lesser quality competitor for a short-sighted customer.

There....I'm finished

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When they call you back to continue service because the retired guy can't handle the heat, raise the price...cha-ching...:D


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I was recently asked to bid on a fairly large account. It was worth every bit of $750. per month for mowing & pruning shrubs.
After calling several LCO to get bids they hired someone for $15 per hr, with his own equipment to do the job. He is semi retired , and not licensed etc. What a waist of time....

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Six years ago when I started, I didnt know any better and thought HOA were the best way to go. They helped me get big and then after a few years they helped me get small again fast! Anyway I am down to 2 HOA now. One is a pleasure to work with, the other one I am just holding onto until I can replace the income with smaller residential accounts.

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