Hobby Mower? Dabbling in the bus for almost 20 years.

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    Here we go.. started working @ a tree farm in high school. always loved the outdoors. tried architecture/engineering in college & decided I didn't case how many times you had to drive over the soil to build on it. I found a horticulture program at a community college that a friend was attending & found my calling. did internships at a landscape firm which landed me a full time job. worked in des moines, iowa & did a year in omaha, nebraska. they burned me out on landscaping (sun up til sun down-7days a week!) I returned to southwest iowa & the tree farm I had been @ thru high school. say was low so I started mowin yards with the dreaded push. my boss from the tree farm purchased a 36" gear drive for his yard & had me mow it. I then had to have one & went mowing crazy. then I got smacked with stupidity & thought a factory job was the ticket. I still mowed on the side & the factory money bought me nice equipment. went to the hydro walk behind for years & then broke down & got a zero turn.
    factory work is tolerable & mowin is an escape. I went crazy with the lawns & about killed myself tryin to work 40+ hours at "the dump" and mow 30+ accounts with a little help from buddies. so I cut back on the lawns. a lot of people hated to lose me & loved my work. low & behold I got laid off from the factory & I'm glad I had the education/experience & the mowing for backup. so now I'm 34 mowing about 10 of my own accounts, mowing 20+ lawns for the guy I went to college with, & helping another buddy with some of his mowin. suprising bein here in a small community of 5000 that there is this much to do. I do more driving than the big city guys but all of my accounts are on a personal basis. wish I could make it work so I didn't have to go back into a factory but the pay & benefits are hard to give up! and I would get really hungry in the winter! that's my story so far!

    I've had lots of experience so it is nice, sometimes comical, to read the posts here on lawnsite. here is a list of the equipment I've experienced thru the years:
    ransom 36 gear
    john deere 36 gear
    husqvarna 48 hydro
    old ransom 60 hydro
    scag 48 hydro
    exmark AS 25/60
    ransom 72 front deck diesel
    jacobson 25/60
    john deere 830 (1 month only!)
    hustler 25/60 super z
    hustler diesel 60"
    AND FINALLY.....
    I have a hustler 72 with the 31 kawi big block. (in case you are wondering I don't have any of them but the hustler 72!)
    I have been running my buddies john deere 997 also.
    any questions or comments are more than welcome. thanks. nice to be part of lawnsite.
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    Welcome to the site. I was just like that last year i was working 50 hrs at a boat yard a week and 10-15 hrs doing landscape a week. So i was working 65 hrs a week. Wich was great money for me because i was going into my junior year in HS. Now im a senior. But this year i quit my boat yard job. I love doing landscape work!!

    Look forward to seeing some pics of your work and equipment. Good luck!!!

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