Hoiw to start all over!!!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by vomeisentor, Oct 18, 2009.

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    I bought two USED STIHL weed trimmers (FS85 and FS110R) both looks and works OK. Now I do not know the history of these two machines since I bought them used, where do I start before I start using them regularly to make sure they do not break down or give me trouble down the road? I mean should I (is there way to) do a engine flash, or complete clean up, or anything else I need to do??

    I know if I get a used computer I can do a system clean up with original Operation System Disc to make the computer back to Factory original setting cleaning up entire system to start from scratch.

    Is there way to do with my weed trimmer?
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    Haha, I wish so too.

    On 4-mixes (not that I have one), you will want to check/adjust the valves, that is what almost any 4-mix owner will tell you. Other than that, maybe give her a new plug, run some SeaFoam thru it on your first tank, and use good oil from now on. Good Luck
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    great! That was the exactly the type of answer I was looking for~!!! EXCELLENT!

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