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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Pro-Scapes, Mar 22, 2006.

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    Last year I had a client that was the same way. She owned her own business, lived in a nice neighborhood in a nice house. Drove a BMW, one daughter in private school and one in a private college. Outstanding payer and always wanted extras and always paid the day the work was finished even though I told her numerous times that I billed monthly and she could just pay then. Never a problem or an issue.

    Then out of the blue she started asking me to "hold" her checks. First a day or two, then a week, then a month. But I too thought no biggie. Then her checks started bouncing. After her third bounced check I dropped her. Hated to but business is business. Next thing I see her house is foreclosed on, car repoed and she is gone.

    There IS A REASON she wants the check held and it is a financial one. Maybe short term, maybe long term....but beware!
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    always get the check even if it bounces at least you can go file charges for that..
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    I agree. A $1300 check that bounces is great leverage to have to get paid. That would be a felony in most places. She wouldnt offer to give it to you if it wont be good on the 1st. I would complain about it too, but would still do it.
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    No, but I can see the way it's being gone about, how it can be frustrating...

    For example, I don't like someone telling me to swing by to pick up my check after the work is done, just so I can hold it... I mean, what's wrong with the stamp and address method, why not just send it to me after it's in the clear?
    It'd be a different thing if she'd have accidentally mailed it out (like too soon), that I could deal with.

    But I'd let it slide with a regular, maybe a bout of spring fever is all it is.
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    I don't hold checks for lawn care but I do for my other business. It is fine every once in a while, but nip it in the butt if it starts to become a habit.
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    my point was why did she shoot back at me and snap to come get it when I had to sit on it 2 and a half weeks. I got it sitting here on my desk.

    They want 3k in lighting soon and just told me they will need to wait on it until later. They wanted it mid April but now its end of may. Im fine with that because it tells me they are waiting until they are sure they got the money avalible.

    Why pay me right away when you got 30 days. Send the money on the first when you got it. I think Im going to be done picking up payments its stupid if your home when i finish and cut me a check awsome. If not stamp it and mail it like all your other bills.
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    I had customers claim just because I own a business that I have alot of money. They wanted to complain about my price. Anyways, I would hold the check since you never had problems and keep doing great work for the customer.

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