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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BAMARED, Apr 16, 2003.


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    It amazes me at the people that live in upper-class neighborhoods w/nice houses that are wanting to "dicker" over $5. I quote them a price and they come back w/ "You can have it if you'll do it for $5 less." I tell them "no I can't" and they tell me that they'll think about it and let me know. Yea, right!

    I have better luck from the middle class folks paying what I quote them. And bear in mind that I quote honest, fair prices. No lowering of my prices here.


  2. Darryl G

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    It seems that some people just need to dicker. When I give a price, I say that my BEST price would be $xxx. If they ask for less, I tell them I already gave my best price. It's like, did I stutter of something??
  3. wriken

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    thats why there rich, they dicker with any given price. I would'nt lower my price either.
  4. tiedeman

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    I have always found that the higher income people are harder to part with their money than the middle or lower class. I guess that is why they have more money, because they don't part with it.
  5. kickin sum grass

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    and even if you lowered your price, they would be the first to screw ya. I have had so much trouble getting paid from a community with 2 + million dollar homes that I will not work there anymore. I would rather work for the middle class. They know how hard it is to make a buck.
  6. Navig8r

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    It all comes down to whether or not someone appreciates that you work hard for your pay......... I got a payment today from a cleanup I did Sunday... left a bill, customer wasn't home.... in with the payment is a note........" Thank you, we are very pleased with your work. Please come by and give us a quote to trim the hedges around the house"................. :D
    Cool............. Made me feel great that the customer took the time to tell me how much they liked my work, and that they want me to do more work for them!
  7. Green Pastures

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    Stick to your guns.

    I bought a washer the other day at Sears, you know they didn't think me asking for a better price was funny either. ;)
  8. tiedeman

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    that is strange..I was just there tonight looking at a new washer and dryer...small world I guess
  9. Frosty_03

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    I did a clean-up this weekend too and I had left the bill, to my surprise the people came to my house and payed me the same day and asked if I could water and maintain the yard until they sold it. It is an average 1/4 acre yard with flower beds. They told me they had to come by personally thank me, they were so impressed they gave double what I asked for and also $200.00 a month to boot until it is sold. It is walking distance from my house so the watering part will be cool cause I can do it when I walk my dog in the morning. :cool:

    GOD SPEED!!!!
  10. Bama,

    Great to hear someone stand their ground for profit. I have tried to learn that type of customer, or at least guess, then bid high when I’ve got them on the phone or face to face. As long as they see me as a professional, that gives me room to make them feel like they’re getting a “deal.” Part of that conception of quality is higher prices.

    “Well, you’ve got a lot of landscaping detail here. Sure it’s less mowing, but it’s always the weedeating that takes up the time. This is easily a $45 lawn, the best I can do is $40.” When it was a $40 lawn to begin with. But sometimes they go for the higher bid without dickering.

    My schedule is pretty full, but if I can find another good account, I’ll make the room. Good accounts NEVER start out cheap. Be patient and keep up the good fight.

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