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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by mattntamm, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. mattntamm

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    Hello to All,

    I am new at this thread jazz so please bear with me. My pond has a hole that I am unable to locate. I have approx. 100 Goldfish and Koi in there, I have nowhere to put them in order to drain it. Does anyone have any idea at all as to how I might go about finding this hole. My guess by looking at it, about one to two feet of water is draining each day. I love my fish and do not wish for their home to go dry. I have to put fresh water in each day along with dechlorinater. Cats have been visiting the pond because the fish are so close to the top.
    Please, please someone help me. Thanks for taking the time to read this new thread. Enjoy your evening,

  2. hole in one lco

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    I would go and buy a nurse tank from the pet store. Drain the pond and fix the hole they'll be ok for a day. You can buy a liner patch
  3. mattntamm

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    hol in one Ico,

    Thank you for responding to my thread. These are no normal sized Koi & Goldish, the biggest is about 14". Will putting that many fish into a tank not hurt them? I have one 40 gal. tank, ( this definately would not suffice), what size do would you recommend? What would be the best thing to use as a patch and glue that would be safe for the fish? Thanks once more,

  4. Phishook

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    What type of pond do you have?
    Do you have a Waterfall or Stream?
  5. mattntamm

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    We have a waterfall, the dimensios are 16 x 8 x 3. I know that this is small for all of the fish but they seem to be happy, except for the continuous drainage of water. Might you have a suggestion?
  6. Phishook

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    If you arre loosing 1-2' each day, chances are the hole is not in the pond. The water is probably just flowing over the stream liner.

    Shut the pump off, and fill the pond. Wait 24hrs, if the water level stayed the same, the hole is not in the pond. If it is dropping, let it go untill the water stops dropping. Maybe throw a bubble stone in for the fish.

    If the hole is not in the pond, turn the pump back on, and look for low spots in the liner along the stream edge. loosing 1-2' a day, it should be easy to find.

    How long have you had this pond?
    Who put it in?
    Is there a skimmer and biofalls?
    What type of plumbing? PVC, Flex PVC, Coil tube?
  7. Moe Fish

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    Could you not buy a kids pool or two for the fish untill you could find the leak and fix it? Those plastic ones are cheep.
  8. mattntamm

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    Hey there, this is Tamm of mattntamm. You are a genious with this stuff!! Thank you so very much for your suggestion. I went out to the pond and I shut the pump off. I looked around to see where there might be any wet spots and sure enough, there it was, right next to the waterfall. The water pump sits atop this piece of wood, well, the wood had been moved. I guess that may have been due to the lawn boy. I moved it back into place, turned the flow back on and wholah!! The stream of water seemed to flow directly into the pond.
    I cannot thank you enough, my fish thank you as well. What a relief for them, I'm sure that they feared the cats coming to prey. I hope that this was the problem and not anything else major. I'll know in the morning when I go feed the fish. Thank you once more, I'll let you know how it turns out.
    God Bless You and Your Family Phishook!!
    Enjoy your evening,

  9. mattntamm

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    Moe Fish,

    Thank you for replying to my thread. I will indeed go purchase a couple of baby pools if what I did this evening didn't fix it. I think it may have. Phishook gave me some advice on what to do and I believe that it worked. I am praying that it did.
    Thank you for the idea of the baby pools, I will definately keep it in mind. I never would have thought of that, I was ready to empty our inground pool and put them in there. Thanks once more. God Bless!!


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