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    Has anyone tried this or have any feedback on this?

    I spoke with a rep at a trade show and he says the product needs to be refrigerated which they will supply. I have no room for one or two of them.
    He was making it sound like sliced bread all over again which turned me off.
  2. gorknoids

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    Holganix rep and CEO gave presentations yesterday at out applicator recert class, and I've sent away for a sample for testing here in Virginia Beach. I don't know how it will perform compared to other mycorrhizal products, what application rates are required, didn't know about a requirement for refigeration, either. Costs being what they are, and with a push on to restrict fertilizer use in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, this DOES seem like the way of the future, but there's clearly a steep learning curve to be met before I can think about a wholesale switch. I can get a bunch of yardsale fridges if the savings on fertilizer are what they claim, though.
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    The web page "could not be displayed", but if it is about living microbes, there is one very important thing to keep in mind...

    Placing microbes in a hostile environment is no different than placing seaturtles in the desert...

    No one has ever been willing to talk about microbe habitat at any level, even when they are trying to sell microbes...

    The business about having some miracle juice with label instructions is about as deep into organic horticulture, as it gets nowdays... disappointing really...
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    No one has ever been willing to talk about microbe habitat at any level, even when they are trying to sell microbes..

    Axe, blanket statements such as that one are not accurate or helpful. Maybe some people don't talk about how important microbial habitat is, but not those who know what the are talking about. There is an abundance of people working with soil inoculates who explain that adding good soil microbiology is part of a systems approach which includes inputs of organic matter, reducing the use of products with negative effects on beneficial microbes, and good cultural practices.
  5. Smallaxe

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    So what are the good cultural practices that create the correct habitat for these soil innoculants?
    For exa...
    The more water, the better? Why or Why not?...

    See, I have to know that what is going on in my soils, is going to be the best habitat I can provide for the beneficial microherd...
    Some kind of bugs(good or bad) are going to be there and thriving, regardless of the habitat... I would like to know which habitat is going to be the one I want... soil innoculants will just die, in an improper habitat...

    That's not a broad, generalized, incorrect, hyperbolic statement... it is the result of never having the nuts and bolts of soil habitats ever discussed in this forum... :)
  6. Smallaxe

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    Silence here keeps the amount of conversation about habitat to zero, so, it is accurate and helpful, in the sense that people need to understand what they are buying and how it works... :)

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    its all in the secret sauce
    they will tell u whats in it but not the amount.
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    My ATS rep talked me into using granular screamin green to add organic layers to the soil.
    Now he is on the holganix kick and screw the layers of organic. I am sticking with the granular. Not to mention the cost of converting my t-3000 over to liquid. About $ 1000.00
  9. Joshuakwhit

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    Anybody go a year using Holganix? Have been trying to collect reputable research.
  10. Smallaxe

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    When ever you are dealing with living creatures , Great or Small, it is necessary to consider habitat... EVEN if it has should imporvement in one set of lawns, doesn't mean it will show results in another set of lawns... that is point #1...

    Point #2 is food supply... lawns have a set food supply for microbes... once those resources have been devoured , there is nothing more to CYCLE back into nutrients...

    Here's is a LONG TERM thought about cycling nutrient and habitat for living things... will an excess of OM decay actually REDUCE Soil Organic Matter???
    Compost replenishes food supply and is loaded with decomposers from and aerated enviroment... That is what I use, even if it is just a little bit ,,, the SOLIDS would logically provide more food supply than a jug of liquid... :)

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