Holiday Lighting Ideas

Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by clayslandscape, Oct 6, 2012.

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    I have to chime in here.

    Not to sound to terribly harsh but....

    The guys have given a ton of help, more than I thought they should/would.

    If you have not read thru this forum, you should.

    It is time for you to get out and practice, otherwise I am going to tell everyone to start charging for their time and advice, hell, the only thing left to do is for one of us to hop in a car and come over and do it for you.....

    Good luck, you have just about everything you need to do this job from this forum, its a small job, use it for your practical experience.
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    clay, while I agree with turf hokie, I will help you a bit more. The home is simple and probably needs clear simple lights. snowflake or blizzard lights would be fine, but c-9s will probably look best. you can insert a female vampire plug inline and drop a white cord to the wreath. you will have to run cords to each bush you do. hide and clean them up as best you can. I would do a 4' mixed noble wreath at the peak, the mini's in the bushes and keep the garland scallops you showed from last year. watch your amps and you'll have to learn what else is on the breaker for the front and back plugs. good luck.

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