Holiday Lighting


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SW Missouri
If anyone has provided this service, your ideas would be appreciated. <br>Supplier for lights<br>How to charge<br>Etc<br>Thanks Jeff


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Northern NJ
Hey Jeff,<p>Just a thought....but each year you hear stories about houses burning down from holiday lighting that was faulty or damaged. Not to put a damper on your plan, but have you thought about this ? <p>jeff

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Never did it. I thought about it. Anyway check out They have some pretty neat stuff. I have heard of guys making pretty good money in it. Hardly anyone in my area does it. Why I don't know. I'm sure if you market it right you can make things happen. Good Luck!!! Travis AG&G Lawn Maintenance


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Jeff, I got some info from Chistmas Decor. They wanted $9000 franchise fee. I said no thanks. They called about once a month, to sweeten the deal, but I still said no.


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We also looked into Christmas Decor. The franchise fee did not scare me off. The company provides training to make sure you will succeed. The one LMO in my area that did buy into it did very well last year. We did not take this opportunity because our work load is heavy all the way through Christmas.


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Dont fall for the franchise fee thing its not worth 9k sorry but i cant pay someone almost what i will make putting the damb lights up in the freezing cold and how can i do all the fall cleanups and do all the lighting also and get ready for snow all at the same time its just not going to work for me i guess im in michigan.<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: bdemir


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N.E. Wisconsin
I'm having a hard time selling labor day lighting. Any suggestions.<br>Halloween is a little easier but its tough going house to house lighting candles all night. ;)<br>Sorry for being a smart ass but I've tried this on a couple of occasions and sometimes you can get the lights up in relatively nice weather before x-mas, then the snow and ice come. Its a pain chipping lights out of gutter ice cubes in 5 below wind chill. <br>I get FAT in the winter.<br>


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Portland, OR
Looked at it a couple of years ago. We tried it on one customers house for a trial. Up on an 8-12 roof hanging lights 40 feet off the ground was not my idea of fun or making money. We are busy enough and by Dec 1 we have it in the bag for the year.<p>Also, checked with the workmans comp carrier and they want a rating change equal to that of roofers. Dollar for dollar on wages for wc coverage. Not really worth it. I care for my employees, and they will stay on the ground, and not risk being crippled for the rest of their lives. They have family's too.

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