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Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by smarino21, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. Mr.Mow-It-All

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    Yeh removal, boxing and storing will all be paid seperate when we take them down.
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    this was my first year giving it a full try. Well Walked around hungabout 400 door hangers, gave 7 free quotes, did 2 new jobs plus the 2 that I had from last year. All that didn't take said too high. (example 194 foot of c7 roof line 1 & 2 story house $300. materials & $275 labor) (3- 20 foot spruce Labor & materials $1275.00) Are these out of line? Some were just cheapskates I understand this. I am discouraged but am not going to give up yet. How do you compete pricewise wholsale compared to Menards & such. I priced both incan. and LED and menards was cheaper than any suppliers I found. I'm e-mailing you Ndmorris hopefully you can help. I also am looking for any suggestions from any one else. 1 of my new ones just went with roofline and lighted fresh roping around door. I stopped to check on them and she added a 9' spruce to light now. Quality was great. I think iam going to offer her a discount next year for any signed from her recommendation.
  3. Mr.Mow-It-All

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    So are you saying on the quote with 194 c7, was 575 total? That actualy sound a little low to me if it was a 2 story house. And when you say roofline, do you meen the outline of the house or actualy doing the roofline (getting on the roof and going up the peaks, if this is the case you are way low).

    We are doing one monday that started out to be just 110 c9 lights around the outline of the house for $500. I have upsold them to add about another 80-100 feet to do the peak lines, and mini lights around thier greenery (not a lot of mini's) and now we are up to $975, and like I stated before that doesn't include the removal, boxing them up, or storing, all of wich they will pay when we remove. Removal is usaully about 25% plus the cost of the bins I buy and a one time fee for storing them.
  4. Jlawnmow

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    Hey Mr.Mow-It-All, Where in Oklahoma are you???

    For me I charge a $1.50 for EACH c9 light I put up.
    $3.50 for EACH mini light strand.
    There is alot of money to be made in this business!!!
    Right now I'm backed up untill the 15th of December!
  5. Wells

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    This is for those individuals that are considering getting into Christmas Lighting but are not sure whats all involved.

    We base our Christmas lighting prices on "materials" and "labor".

    We purchase all of the materials for the project at wholesale prices then turn around and install the materials at reatil prices.

    We purchase the C7&C9 bulbs seperatly from the lighting strands, this not only make installation easier but also allows the customer to choose their pattern for their lights. The bulbs come in all colors of opaque, transparant, and transparant blinking. Each box of lights come in a box of (25) and runs about $6.00 retail $4.50 wholesale.

    The lighting strands come in 120' bundles and run about $30.00 retail and $18.00 wholesale, you can also purchase 500' spools but we typically keep to the smaller bundlles.

    When installing the wiring we either use gutter/roof clips that can be purchased for $4.00 per 200 clips or we use the clips that come on the lighting strands and hang them under the soffit of the roof line.

    The one thing to consider when installing lights is not to overload the circuit breaker that you are tying into, I usually try to tie the lighting into two seperate circuits.

    Additional materials to keep in mind when bidding a Christmas lighting project is:
    1. Male / Female adapters (These clip right onto the ends of your wire where you made a cut)
    2. Additional wire (without lighting sockets) to wire up all your cuts.
    3. Wire nuts and electrical tape for smaller cut lenghts.
    4. Extension cords incase you need to run your wire to a plug at ground level. Many newer homes will have plugs under the soffit in the roof line. You can also wire right into outdoor garage/porch light using a socket plug.
    5. Possible timer.

    The only thing left to include in your bid would be your labor. We currently charge $65.00 per hour. (just make sure to include plenty of time on your bid as lighting typically takes longer than you usually expect.

    A new set of 250 feet of lights put up on a two story home with approximatly 10 wire cuts would be charged out as follows:

    Materials: 220.00
    Labor: 295.00
    Total: 515.00

    Our prices do not include take down of the lighting, this is a additional fee charged in January.
  6. wurkn with amish

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    When you store lights for your customers, you are in the door already for next years job. Call set up a date and ask them if they would like to upgrade a little from last years job. Works for me. plus my salesperson at brite-ideas is great at helping with any questions.
  7. wkipke

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    How do you handle light outages. Is that on you or do you charge for the replacement?
  8. Wells

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    After we do the initial install I will give the customer a box of 25 replacment bulbs. We always make sure every bulb is working before we leave a clients property.

    If one burns out between the installation and Christmas then it's up to the client to either call us for replacment or replace it themselves. If they call us for a replacment then there is a service charge.

    If it's just one or two bulbs most clients will not worry about it and just leave them until the following years install.
  9. Green Boys LawnCare

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    Can you tell me who you get your supplies (lights, etc.) from?
  10. wurkn with amish

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    I get mine from brite -ideas out of nebraska

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