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Ok guys since I have been a member here for what seems like forever I feel I should give you some information. I do this Christmas light thing for fun. Don't sell anything and don't install anywhere except my house. Last year I had a few lights. Close to 200,000 and most are computere controlled and synced to music. Been doing this for several years.

Now for the good part. take a look around and compare their prices. They have great quality and fantastic service. Plus the prices are better than anything I have seen quoted. Now I guess if you think I am not quite sure what I am talking about then that is ok. You can visit my website and look around. It is contact me through the website if you have any questions.

Oh and just so you know I am a certified pest control operator in FL and own my own pest control and grounds maintenance company. The lights are just my attempt to make a bunch of people happy.

Look forward to hearing from you all.


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I've done it. I make them buy the lights and when I take them down I roll them back up and use zip ties. Usually the owners don't want them back. I also tell them if a light goes out and I have to go through a strand to find it they had better just let me buy another strand. LOL

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Place them up new or customers own. Storage for free! retain customers 85%. Year in the Christmas lighting going on 12yrs. Started Lawn Care business with Christmas Lighting helped pay for fall income thru spring the following year. What a way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did lights for the first time last year. Didnt do too much advertising. Hung some flyers and put an ad in the local paper. Profited around $6,000 for about 4 weekends worth of work (two weekends to put up, two weekends to take down, and take downs are much quicker). After last year we are really going to push it this year with extensive advertising and see how well that pays off. It was just me and one other guy last winter and hope to have a couple crews out this winter.

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