Holiday one timers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kc2006, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. kc2006

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    I just got burnt today somewhat.

    I've been getting alot of calls this week about one time cuts for the 4th and I've been turning most away unless they're very close or on the way and then I just over price them. Well I got a call from someone for weekly mowing, so I go check it out and it looked like it was cut already except for part of the back, you could see where it looked like a mower broke or just stopped. So I call and give the price, they agree and ask when i can do it the soonest, I said I can be there tomorrow and then after that it's every tuesday and I'll need them to sign a service agreement. No problem, but they won't be there tomorrow (yesterday) when I cut, so I said thats fine I'll leave the agreement and just leave it for me on Tuesday. I go and do it, did a good job made sure it was all neat even with a downpour that came out of no where i stayed and finished. I was amazed actually because the grass in the back was like pasture it wasn't even good grass but it striped amazingly. Get a call today "You did a horrible job I dont want you back, you didnt trim anything, your mower cuts like crap your horrible", I tried to find out what was just so bad about it but she just said your horrible...then she hung up!

    Oddly enough I called it, I said last night "I bet shes going to call and cancel because it looks like their mower broke in the very back and they just wanted someone to do it".

    Cracks me up though, you stretch one time and BOOM you get crapped on. Just makes me want to go strictly commercial more and more, and I am. But I hope she doesn't think shes going to get away without paying, I'm sending out the invoice tomorrow, "due on reciept" if I dont get anything back by the 5th I'll go over and hand deliever an invoice, if nothing still...well we just won't talk about that. COUGHglyphosateCOUGH
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    Effective for about 18 months.
  3. Premo Services

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    And you think the commerecial properties will be more true.
    Commerecial will go to the lowest bidders at the blink of an eye:hammerhead: :cry:
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    I've found so far that on commercial properties I can bust out so much work and still price these places at 55-65 PMH and no complaining at all. The commercial market (around here) is still good to get into, heck I think theres only about 5-8 companies that have the large commercial places cornered. I'm talking about going large commercials 10+ acres only.

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