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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by gardenkeeper88, Sep 8, 2006.

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    How do you handle holiday pay? After so many months w/ you? or what. What if the employee misses avg.1 day every 3 weeks plus took 1 week off in july? he is a forman very good and hard working. They are scheduled 5 days per week and expected to work about 40 hours. I only have 2 crews and that wiped out 1 from being very productive. I did my best to running 2 by myself just so they would stay with me. He thinks he should get hoilday pay but not the other employees because he has been with me the longest.
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    1 day every 3 weeks seems like alot to me. was the week off planned or just called in ? How bout instead of holiday pay consider performance bonuses. Such as. No client complaints or finishing on time or early.

    If we finish a given route or job early I give all the guys a little bonus. Last month they all amazed me and did a job nearly twice as fast as I had planned and worked right thru lunch and all to finish it early. I gave them each an extra C note as it saved me about 1000 in coming back another day.

    They were real happy and I was real happy. I made more money and so did they. They are doing it again on a large sod job now. Reward excellence.

    I would talk to that employee because in my opinion 1 day every 3 weeks is a bit much. thats like 15% call out rate.
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    It is in my opinion as well. After I posted last nite I looked at his file and it is act. 5 days in 18 weeks and the 1 week. The 1 week was given to me about
    2 1/2 prior notice. Not asked but just my sister has to go to the hospital for surgery and i must go. He is mexican and truthfully he is the best foreman work wise and leading wise i have had in the 3 years that I have been running 2 crews. I told him that (during the pruning) he was the first person I have ever hired that could prune as fast as me & w/ good qualiity. I have fired employees before for that much time off. I have done the perf. bonus in the past, bonuses were talked about early in the summer, and we talked about time in finishing jobs. that the faster we get jobs done the more money I make when I make more money than I can give raises more as well. They as an entire crew work good quality but so so on speed. They all recieved rases and 1 bonus Understand he is my longest employee this year. I'm still struggleing to be able to find anybody to work an entire year and come back. The holiday pay is something he brought up, because that what the factories do. I told him I'm not a factory and does the factory make gatoade (no charge) every day for thier employees? Would the factory have let him take the week off after only being here 8 or 9 weeks and still give him his foreman job. And the factory would not have given him 6or 7 advances on his payck. And I told him Jose I don't know how many days you have missed but I think the factories woud have fired you by now do to attendance. He even was going to be my winter plow driver. I try to be a good boss but...... I guess this thread was as much a good place to vent as well as get some input. I'm always trying to improve the co. for my employ. as well to try and get some better ons Thanks all. sorry it':dizzy: s so long
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    Either hes a good employee or he isnt...

    You need to setup a leave system for long term employees. Everyone gets sick and everyone has an occasional emergency. You also need to consider how you want to handle vacations for those who arent workaholics...

    You need to read up on the family medical leave act. Penalizing an employee for taking off to care for a family member can get you in big trouble in some situations.
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    i would give him the day.

    It takes about $2-3K from the bottom line to hire a new employee, and about 3 times that to replace a supervisor

    did you pay him for this time off????
    if not then what's the problem..

    we give 2 weeks paid vacation, 5 days paid sick leave and major holidays off.
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    Like I said he is a good employee. Do I have to bend over backward and give them everything? Our handbook does cover sick, emergencies, Vacations etc. Just like vacation 1 weeks paid after 1 continious year with the company. It goes on to explain that continious even includes laid off time during winter IF they work until no more work in the fall (I let them know when were about 2weeks from the last FCU) and they come back at the start of the season. I'm not a Jack A.. like if we had 2-4 days to finish and they needed to start winter job I don't take the Vacation away if he came back in the spring. When he left for the week I never penalized him or repramand or anything so family med act does not nor ever play into this. But I do believe that he is missing a little too much reg. time.
  7. gardenkeeper88

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    #1 please look at the start of this thread. This was meant to find out what other companies do regarding hoilday pay. This is something that I need to put some thought into. I know what local factories, & retail does. Iwould like to know what other Maint install companies are doing, so I can make an educated decision for our handbook policies. This isn't even what to do with this exact employee. I appreciate all the feedback because it does reinforce some of my thought with him.
    Ok in regards to response to Yard pro Did I pay him , No No problem except that with out him at that time I had no other driver, so how do you take his other 2 crew members and keep them busy without someone watching them telling them what to do, and it's real hard to add them to the crew that I drive and put 5 guys mowing every house. Also how can you make money with an idle crew and what do you tell the customers that your not working at their homes.
    Just curious The benifits are they for all your employees, even seasonal? do you have a probation period or can they tak 1 week vacation after only being ther 5-6 weeks. Sorry but i woul like a little more info on your benifits Thanks
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    Just a little more background on us. Our season is from Mid march to mid to late Nov. I only have 2 crews (I run 1). I had 6 employees this spring cut back to 5 in aug. I just had 1 quitDecided he was going to head back to SC. I can only keep 1 foreman for the winter and the one I mentioned in this thread is the 1 and he knws and has known this for quite some time. During the winter we pay that person for 35 hours each week regardless of how much they work so that they are guaranteed an income. If they work 45 hours 1 week because of lots of snow it will be evened out as there will be weeks that they may only work 25-30 hours. Plans are to hopefully buy my 3rd, truck and be able to remove me from 1 crew this next season so I can do all chem apps and manage the biz. We r growing and gaining But issuses come up that havn't before and now we need to address them for the future. Thus the reason for this thread.:clapping:
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    Just so you know, you are breaking the law.


    For what its worth, I'm the foreman for my company, after 2 years they started paying my holiday as well as 2 week paid vacation. If I do work holiday, they pay me double time and a half.
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    Don't underestand where you think i'm Breaking the law. If you are refering the pay for 35 hours? Maybe I stated it wrong. We pay a salary Figured on What they would have made during the summer working 35 hours. Regardless of how many hours they work. This is leagal. This is actually to protect them. I worked salary for at least 12-13 years and I as the employee got screwed most of the time. I have to have someone to drive one of my trucks. I do not have 35 hours of work for them if we do not plow. So If I did not put them on salary, then they may only work 20 hours, and could not live on that and would soon be looking for another job. Granted where we live it is possible to work 40 -45 hours 1 or 2 weeks out of the entire winter. But like last winter We plowed most of our customers 3 times 2 being in dec. But my employee was paid the same each week ALL winter even though he averaged 15-20 hours in Jan. This is all discussed with any employee before we both agree to winter work. They have the chance to stay on hourly or switch to salary. Sorry but we did get off the question again. Understand I have been in the management and ownership of business since 1983, I do have a lawyer and Work w/ them on any major policy ventures.

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