Holly Bushes...Male or female???

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by coachgrd, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. coachgrd

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    Several years ago I bought 3 Holly bushes at a small nursery. They were not marked male-female. As a result, I must have either 3 males or 3 females b/c they do not bear fruit...the small red berries. One did not make it through the winter so I will be replacing it. I'd like to get one of the opposite sex of the ones I have so they can do the "cross pollination thing" and get some berries. (that should be fun to watch!!! :blob3: ) Anyway, how do I tell what sex of hollys I have?
  2. Glenn J

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    We have one massive Holy in our yard and it does have the red berries. My wife and I think there must be another one somewhere in the neighborhood.
  3. Pittsburgh Panther

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    the holly's with the smaller leaves are female and the male have bigger leaves. That's at least how I was told when I bought my holly bushes. I have 3 females and one male and they all get berries on them.
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  5. Green Pastures

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    The only Holly I know is definetly female.

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