Holy crapa it's gonna be a late start!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnguyland, Mar 19, 2004.

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    Snow removal is good for the money and all that, but here in the NE at least we are already about a week or two behind when we would normally start spring clean-ups. It better only rain at night and on Sundays until July at this rate . End of next week it will be nice. Maybe get to do a few. I'm dreading april! We have to start mowing regularly around mid april here so we have until then to finish most of the clean-ups. I can imagine that guys with multiple crews and a few hundred accts. must be going nuts. Luckily (from my perspective at this moment) I am a solo op so I should have a little less of a problem scheduling and catching up. If I hire 1 guy it almost doubles my production(but I won't), but I can fell the madness already. Get ready boys and girls. All h e double hockey sticks is about to bust out. A few weeks of decent weather and the " when will you be doing my clean-up" calls will begin. Not to mention new customers and new estimates. I'm considering sending a pre-emptive letter letting people know that everything will be a little delayed. You'd think it would be obvious but after one 60 degree day and the snow melted, people will start freakin' out! Yikes... weekends no longer exist. Crapathon.
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    True True my man you hit it on the head. Good luck!
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    March is always a rough month, and don't forget we had snow in the first week of April last year. Somehow, the work will get done.
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    were are all u guys located ....wbabylon here

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