Holy **** the grass is long here in Ohio!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MRPLOW, May 10, 2000.

  1. Doug406

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    Boy I am glad to see I am not the only one up to our knees in grass!! I have one customer that i am cutting every three days, and it takes 3 of us 7 hours, so it is hard to keep up on all others as well. A freind of mine that does my fert. recommended trying a product i heard about on an eirlier post, a chemical that will slow down the growth for 4-6 weeks. I think I am going to try it on some of my seosonal accounts. Sure it will cost me, but not as much labor or wear on our equipment and it will free up some time. What do you guys think?
  2. yardsmith

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    from Ohio
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    yeah Buddy!<br>I haven't been able to log on but about every other day cuz too busy keepimg up!!!!!<br>It's amazing- I've never had this much growth, & most of my lawns are NOT fertilized. About 10 days growth each week; I'm very thankful. Had a number of customers ask me to &quot;cut it shorter this time&quot;, like I was doing it on purpose! They wouldn't pay to have it done every 5 days like the rest of their neighbors mow their own anyways.<br>I just hope it keepsup for awhile! :)<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>
  3. HOMER

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    Bobby, when do you want to go? I think they're pulling our leg! Grass don't grow that fast, only weeds, or bahai. <p>The Dodge will get us there pretty cheap too. I think I'll bring my Choppers and try to help these boys out, got room for yours too!<p>Homer
  4. grasscapeinc

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    OH YES IT DOES!!! It's crazinesss up here!!!
  5. Charles

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    I think I remember this is the almost the same situation we had last year. I remember it being dry at the end of may here. Suppose to hit 95 here this weekend. That high off the coast is moving slowly farther south so the hot dry weather will shift farther north. No rain is in sight here even next week. And to think this use to be a tropical area. Even though I am ahead of last year. I think I may go job hunting next week hehe. Either that or waite and lose alot of dough like last year. If strange because we were getting regular intervals of rain 3 weeks ago and then it dried up realy fast. Which leads me to believe that the water tables are very low still.
  6. cantoo

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    Yesterday we cut a new baseball diamond job we just got, the grass was from 6 to 14&quot; high it was a real mess. As we were filling up with fuel after cutting it started to rain, we got 4 1/2&quot; of rain last night. Now the ball diamond is flooded under 2 feet of water but I bet it still looks good. We were just talking to the rec member that voted to get us to cut it and she was so happy that we got it cut before the rain then I had to tell her that it was under 2 feet of water so practice was cancelled anyway. Maybe they can play water polo for a few days.
  7. HOMER

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    FINALLY..................We got some rain last night, the high was 101, thought I was losing it........rain, hail, and lightning. That should help out a little with the dust problems. Blew my son's trampoline out into the field about 100 yards, scatterd poles and springs everywhere! Now they say its gonna dry right back up, I'll take whatever the man wants to give us.......3 weeks with unseasonally high temps is enough!<p>Homer
  8. mountain

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    I thought it was my imagination but i guess most everbodies in same boat <br>We have been double cutting ever lawn which on average are 1.5 acre . Sure puts a wrench in to the schedule . around here if we show up before 7 days they think your trying to steal there first born
  9. Alan

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    Over 4&quot; of rain so far this month in nothern Vermont. Grass is out of control. On a 7 day cycle I'm taking off 4 inches or more, cutting at 2 1/2&quot;. Got into one today that the homeowner started out doing himself, until his tractor broke. He usually mows it himself through May, then gets sick of it and calls us for the rest of the season. Today it appeared to hav been mowed once, all over, and started a second time, probably Saturday. I was taking off close to 8&quot;, grass was as tall as the front wheels on tehe Lazer. Had to go slow, ran out of horsepower, even with the 25 Kohler. Sure do love those double blades though, even with all the clippings it looked good as they were spread out evenly. I can't hardly keep up with the grass and I've got topsoil dropped on three jobs that are in line for renovation. Busy is nice,, up to a point.
  10. DanG

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    you guys should be up here in NY, it rains all the time it seems and the grass is growing fast as heck.....I have people asking me to come twice a week and complaining about the clippings etc...<br>One lawn I mowed in three differant directions just to get it knocked down & looking OK<br>I have one contract that I mow every two weeks and I went down there to do it and the grass was as tall as the weight bar on the front of my Z-master .....If I tried to bag it I wouldn't even get across the lawn once before it was full.....I'm hoping for the drought to kick in up here LOL( I could use a day off!!!) and even if it rains there's still stringtrimming,upkeep etc...

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