homage to fellow turfmen!

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Delaware, Ohio
Good evening gentlemen,

I live just North of a very well-to-do, poshy, suburb filled with yuppies whom are ready to part with their beloved cash.

The question I have for you veterans of the turf war is how should I go about setting a price for services rendered? I have heard about charging X amount per 1000 sq. ft. to just a flat rate.

What are your suggestions to assist me in helping these poor, beleaguered people with their cumbersome load of money?


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jacksboro, tn
well my general rule of thumb is for an average size lawn (around 6,000 square feet) 20 to drop the gate + .50 per min

which for my personal yard would be

20 gate drop + 25 minutes to mow( with 61 ztr)(12.50)
= 32.50 total

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You can find 127 threads on pricing on my search page. Not all of them are on lawn pricing, but a lot of them are. Click below on my center link and scroll down to pricing and click it to find all of these searches on the archives. There are 66 subjects of searches on this page. I put it there to help new members, so enjoy it.


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