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    They still call me from last post, and it’s definitely a bar or a rowdy office

    Edit: the area code they call from is well over an hour from my location
  2. R&ROutdoorservicesofMI123

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    I tried it once and I hated it. the guy that i was dealing with was nice I just hated it because they wanted so much information they would not stop calling and emailing me. then they wanted to charge me $50 a month to advertise for me and for an extra $5 they would boost it (what ever that means). I got fed up with all the emails and calls and I said said hey your a really nice guy but I am no longer interested in it and they quit calling me and emailing me .
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    I got a call out of the blue the other day from a local area code. Guy leaves a message saying that he needs an “HVAC” service company and to please call him back. He leaves me a number on the VM that is in New York... I’m thinking it is some kind of scam, so I call it back after googling... Yup, it’s Homeadvisor... Tokd him I was not interested, don’t call back.
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    Ive used this company with some success. I did a 30k install. Lead was HA. Recently did a 15k. Lead was HA. You need to answer your phone and be willing to spend a few bucks on shitty leads too. If you set the parameters correctly it can help immensely. Set em poorly and you will spend money on terrible leads.
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    I know an electrician who loves HA . He gets a boat load of work from them . But his jobs are $3000 and up . So a $38.00 lead fee is nothing
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    Why would you pay for a customer lead you probably would never want in the first place, based on location, size of property, income level, etc? You should be chasing customers, not vice-versa.
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    Reading this thread last night has jinxed me. These guys just called me and I'm on the phone with them as I type this.

    I'm not the expert a lot of you guys are but I have to agree that it doesn't make sense to spend money this way to get customers. I'd rather spend it on traditional advertising/marketing methods and have a little more control over the customers I get. The guy on the phone told me $348 for a year.
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    I talked to them last week, no thankx! I was under the impression that the leads were 100% ours and their fee was only payable if you retained the client? Cheap skate clients and one shot deals, no thankx. Im glad I read this thread today. Lawn Site to the rescue once again!!!!
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    Yep and then pay for the lead you never get it , your right no thanks , I go to the property management company’s that’s who I work for , do pretty good too. And these guys keep calling me I don’t answer or hang up as soon as they say it, they won’t stop.
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    see a trend here? you pay and then you pay again. they just want your money. don't give them the time of day.

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