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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Pro-Scapes, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Pro-Scapes

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    I know some of you guys have done home and garden shows in the past. We already booked a 10 x 10 in one for an upcoming show.

    Can any of you show some photos of how you did your booth or email me privatly if you do not wish to show them ? I got a good idea of what we will do but open to ideas and suggestions.
  2. Lite4

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    Ok Billy, you must be reading my mind. I was going to post some of my ideas for a couple of booth layouts for you guys to give my your opinion about. Put yours up Billy, I will post mine up in a few minutes.
  3. Lite4

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    Ok, here is my first idea. This more in the vein of keeping things simple and elegant. This booth will portray a sense of refinement and elegance using dark wood tables or cabinets with a charcoal colored concrete counter top with quartz flecks in it. A friend of mine does these and he polishes em and makes em look just like granite, but we will be intergrating fiber optic lights into the pour so that the top twinkles with different colors. I would also light up my logo which would be integrated into the table tops. The photo books I would display would be professionaly bound in a manner that looks like it came from a publisher. These would be 12" x 12" and filled with large photos of work. Just next to it would be a contact sheet with some pertinant questions for the prospective client to answer to help in pre qualifying. They would then just drop the sheet into the pre made slot. I would also have a 42 LCD flat screen doing a pictorial slideshow of my work to be easily seen from the aisle. In the back would be a couple of dark wood posts that would match the tables. These would be supporting a 7' x 4' full color banner. Ok that is #1

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  4. Lite4

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    Ok, this one is a bit more unique. This booth is based on the premise of using a hook to get people to come into my booth. You will notice I still have the photo books, but on 2 individual tables. My hook will be a box of fireflies (not real ones obviously) but from the company with the link below. Since I am firefly lighting, this seemed like a good hook to go with my catch phrase "Capture the Magic". The box would be in a refined wood to match the tables and would be about 6 feet tall so that adults won't have to stoop down to see the lights from the flies. There will be 2 screen windows, one tall for adults and one low for kids. The box will be lined with black felt so it is pitch black inside. The fireflies will be hung near the back of the box to retain the illusion of real flies without wires. The 42" tv with the slideshow would be mounted on top of the firefly box and would extend up to 8 feet high. I don't know where I would mount a banner in this one. Ok, here is the problem I see with this one. The fireflies may be too popular and may cause a crowding effect in the front of my booth so no can look at the photo books or sign up for a consult. I may just have a full booth of looky lues that are not interested in lighting and just the novelty of the cute little flies in the box. The customers I want may just keep going because of the wait and all the people jammed into a small space. I think it would be a good hook for me, I am just not sure if this booth may be too small for this. I am also worried about it looking too cluttered. Ok, this is #2. Please give me some honest feedback.


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  5. barefeetny

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    i have been lurking on the lighting page for a short time and let me say I really am impressed by what you and others are doing....

    I personaly like 2

    Even if you attract a crowd.... anyones whos amazed will stick around to talk and ask questions.At least i do.. Ever here of pandoras box...don't touch the red button or as stupid as this sounds try this


    plus nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd

    The first option just looks like most other booths... there may not be enough of a grab.. to stop people from walking to another destination...

  6. Pro-Scapes

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    wow Tim great plan. I have about 3 weeks to integrate a good plan and like the 1st idea but I have no use for the fireflies obviously. I am batteling with the idea of doing a nice stone wall (via a hardscape friend) and placing a couple trees in there and lighting them but I dont think it will have the drama. I also thought about just doing some nice framed poster size photos of our work and have a slide show running on the plasma like you mentioned but you just kicked this whole thing up a notch for me as far as laying the booth out.

    I think I need to talk to our cabinet building friend!
  7. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Tim you have a couple of excellent scenarios there. I would say use the method that is going to attract your target market best.

    If you want to attract masses of people, most with no real interest in contracting your services, but willing to pick up a freebie and perhaps some of your literature, then go with #2.

    If you would rather use your both and resources as effectively as possible I would go with a modified #1.

    I have done a few big trade shows, never in a 10x10 booth, always teamed up with others (Landscaper, Bartlett Tree, Dock Builder, and Me) in a large 30x10 and then 50x20 booth. Each time we built up this booth it was done with one motivation in mind. To attract our exact target clients to walk into the booth space and engage us one on one. We did this by building very impressive and very expensive displays. It was funny because at slower times we would see people saunter by and invite them to "come in", they would smile, and then comment along the lines of "no thanks, I can't afford to go in there." We all smiled.

    Trade shows are exhausting experiences. You want to spend your time and resources engaged with your target market, with those in attendance who are there to make purchase decisions. The last thing you want, or can afford, is to be talking to a well meaning 'tire kicker' or 'price shopper' when the real prospect enters your booth and his interest goes unserviced. Learning to identify who your real clients are in a trade show crowd is an art. I learned that by installing a very impressive, high end, obviously expensive presence at the show, you will naturally dissuade the casually interested from taking up your time and resources.

    Once again, it all depends on your target market. If you want to engage everyone out there interested in outdoor lighting who has $2 to $5k to spend, then get them in there... you just might have to get a bigger booth though.

    Have a great day.
  8. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Co-operating, sharing and integrating your booth space with other, complimentary trades is an excellent approach. Just be sure you do not get in too much trouble with the show producers as they sometime frown (heavily) on this practise.

    Also, check and see if you are allowed to 'tent' or otherwise darken your booth space. If you are doing a typical 10x10 space, then you can easily pick up one of those nice 10x10 garden shelters at Target or where ever... then assemble it on top of leg extensions so that there is about 12' of clearance under the tent. This will effectively block out the ambient light of the show space and shade/darken the booth space so that your lighting shows much better. The slide show on the flat screen will pop out more too.

  9. Pro-Scapes

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    James your right. There is no subletting of booth space. I am looking for a black easy up canopy to darken my booth and then we could light a tree but I am worried about the light looking funky on the framing of the booth.

    I agree it would make the plasma pop out more. I am toying with some ideas about constructing a cabinet. Not sure if I want all that black background and such and out black shirts when I am all about lighting but it would lend to darkness and the effect lighting has on it. I may need to upgrade to a 10x20 or double booth I will inquire on that.
  10. extlights

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    If you could....please keep me updated after the show on how it went. We have done shows in the past, but stopped because it just seemed like our primary target customers aren't the ones going to these shows. We've asked alot of our past customers if they attend home and garden shows and most of them say no..due to lack of time or whatever. I'm not opposed to trying it again, I'm just curious on the response other lighting professionals might get.

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