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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Jason, Jan 12, 2000.

  1. Jason

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    There's a home and yard show coming to my area in late Feb. Was thinking of printing up flyers to hand out to get some accounts.<br>I've never attended one of these shows. Are most of the people in attendance people in the business. Or do homeowners attend in good numbers?<br>I guess it can't hurt anything to print up a pile of flyers and hand them out.<br>Was just curious if anybody has tried this before and if they had any success.
  2. cantoo

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    Hi, I am considering doing the same type of thing but I was just going to flyer all the cars in the parking lots and not actually have a booth set up. They sometimes have kids there who will do it cheaply for you.
  3. jjb51

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    I think that would be a mistake guys, you will have people traveling from near and afar to attend these shows. You don't want to travel great distances to mow lawns.<br>Find the nicest areas close to home where you really want to work, and put door hangers or flyers on their door. A Saturday would be an ideal day as you might make personal contact with your potential customer. A neat appearance and positive attitude will go a long way. I think this approach will be very successful in the long run. <p> <br>
  4. Jason

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    Cantoo,<br> Sounds like a great idea. Think I'll try that. Thanks for the advice.
  5. Jason

    Jason LawnSite Senior Member
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    jjb51,<p>Been planning on targeting a specific neighborhood for flyers. The home and lawn show is just something I thought I'd throw out and see what people thought. You did bring up my main concern about people coming from all over. Don't want to be driving all over to service a few accounts. On the other hand I'm putting all my eggs in one basket, I'm quitting my job this spring and going into lawn care full time with no current accounts. The biggest thing that scares me is finding accounts. If I blanket a few neighborhoods with flyers and don't get any responses I'll be kind of up the creek. This home and lawn show is next month so I figured if I got out flyers there I might be able to grab a few accounts, maybe some will come from a neighborhood I want to target, then later I can blanket that same neighborhood when it's closer to the start of the season. Basically I'm just looking to get my foot in the door and establish a name for myself. Call me crazy for dumping a full time job to mow with no established accounts, but I'm sick of working for somebody else. Kinda scary jumping right in, but what the hell a guy's gotta take a few risks in his life to keep his sanity.
  6. cantoo

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    I live near the small town (pop 5000)that is having the home show, they don't draw from a very big area so i wasn't too worried about getting calls from people too far away. If I get some calls that are too far away I will still price them and &quot;trade&quot; them with another cutter in that area. It will help to keep him out of my area and I might even make a few easy dollars from him. I'm in the same boat Jason, I've been doing this part time for a few years, now I want to see how many customers I can get before I have to quit my &quot;real&quot; job. I have most of the equipment I need paid for so it's time to get full time. I still have to get my flyer finished too.
  7. sheacouture

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    I have just been laid off from my job, and I live in a town called Springfield, Ga. there are around 33,000 people here many with homes and around 1/4 to 1/2 of an acre of land. I wanted to know, how much people charged to take care of the grass? I am new to this and did not know how to find out. Also for flyers I also thought of the Wal-mart parking lots but, was not sure if this is legal to do? All input would be appreciated.
  8. LandscapeSolutions

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    Think how it would look professionally! Inside the garden show there are companies that litterally will spend up to $100,000 (in some cities) to display a mock landscape. Then when they leave they'll find their car was plastered with an advertisments essentially from the 'wolves' of the green industry. I dont think youd get any calls....if any at all.

    Ive always hated getting junk on my windshield leaving trade shows. Im sure that goes for a majority of the population.

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