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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by LawnVet, Nov 20, 2006.

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    Anyone ever had trouble with their county/township telling you that you can't have an LCO run out of your home? I own 4 barns and use one exclusively for the business. When planning for this the SBA folks I spoke with said this was fine and qualifies as as small business and can be run as a home based business. My township recently told a tree service owner that lives a few houses down that he had to move his business (same type of setup- uses his barn for his equipment, etc.). He was going to sell his whole house and move but was able to get a variance. I was hoping for the same deal, but when I spoke with the zoning dude this morning (anonomously) he said that I cannot run any type of commercial business from a residential area (mind you this is rural, mostly ag) and since I have employees he said a request for a variance would most definately be denied.

    The dude is old - when my folks had their house rebuilt after a fire he gave the builder a hard time about clearances above stairs...after the second time the builder cut and refinished the builder flat out told the guy he was wrong and it got hot...they remeasured together to find that it was a full inch higher than it needed to be. Just saying this because I don't exactly trust this guy has all his marbles accessable. Please tell me someone else has faced and overcome this type of challenge. Sorry for being long, just frustrated.

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    Obviously, each state and county are going to have different rules. However, in my county, you technically cannot have a home based business unless you are on at least five acres of land. With that in mind, both my wife and I have home based businesses. She is a photographer, everything is on location, nothing is taken at the house and I have the Lawn Care, which of course, I have to go to the customer to cut grass.

    I had not problems getting my business license, however I had to emphasise that I would not have customers or employees comming to my house on a regular basis and that all work was performed on site.

    Hope you get your issues taken care of.
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    Lucky for me my bro is a city planner so I called him up and explained the situation to him. He thinks there won't be a problem and is going to help me prepare a use variance to get it okay'd. The barns sit on 101 acres, I have 50 in my name so if they balk I can come back...only problem is I have the back 50, the barns sit on the frontage. Shouldn't come to that. I just can't stand the amount of regulation these days. Seems like laws are passed so the gov't can hire more folks to enforce 'em. I'm gonna stress the no customers on site, improvement from the past condition of the property, and that employees are only on site for maintenance and prep.
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    Same situation where I am. Even though I have a yard full of equipment, my office is out of my bonus room at my home.

    City lets me operate this way due to the fact that I specifically told them that at no time would there be customers coming to my home so that I could perform the work that my business conducted.

    They had no problems once I paid the fees for my zoning permit.

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