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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by maintenanceguy, Jun 19, 2007.

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    With 10 schools, 3 support services buildings, roughly 4 miles of chain link fence, hundreds of light posts, hundreds of sign posts, transformer pads, flag poles, generators, gas meters, over a dozen soccer goals, a dozen baseball backstops, storage containers and sheds, etc, etc... We do a lot of string trimming. I can keep 2 guys busy all day all summer long working the trimming route over and over again.

    I decided no more trimming. If we can't cut it with a rider, we'll kill it. Maybe that's an exageration but definately spraying all our fence lines, leaving a 5" dead strip around all our buildings, and around almost everything else.

    So Three years ago, this time of year, I put on my backpack sprayer and started walking. 3 days later I gave up.

    Two years ago, this time of year, I put a small spray tank in the back of my pickup with a 25' hose and me and another guy took turns driving and walking. We couldn't get the truck in lots of places and walking sucks. A week later we were done.

    This year, I'm smarter and lazier. I turned our spare, retired mower into a fence line spraying machine. It's got a single spray head that I can raise and lower with the mower deck. It's also got a hand held spray wand with about 15' of hose for the stuff I can't reach with the deck mounted head. I added a couple of toggle switches to the mower "dash board". One operates the sprayer pump and the other opens a 12V solenoid valve on the mower deck to turn the deck mounted head on and off. I can mount and unmount the sprayer in about 20 minutes.

    Used it for the first time today and it works great!

    Sitting kicks walking's a$$.


    mower front.jpg

    solenoid close up.jpg
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    Now you need a holder for your pesticide flags. Looks neat great idea.
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    thats a cool idea. Do your customers complain of the dead grass around the buildings?
  4. maintenanceguy

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    I supervise the maintenance and grounds departments for a small city school district so I don't really have customers. We run the departments independently from the schools so we're really more like outside contractors but we're still the only "contractor" available to them.

    None of the school's have complained but that might be because they know I'd tell them to order a weed wacker because I've already solved the trimming problem and if they don't like my solution, they'll need to find their own.

    The truth is, it doesn't look bad at all. The line between bare ground and grass is crisp and straight and looks like it belongs there. Plus, the bare line is below the level of the grass so it's not even visible unless you walk right up to the wall of the school. And we don't do this right at the main entrances so I'm sure 99.9% of the people that work in these buildings every day have never noticed.

    During the Summer, I've got a lot to do before teachers and kids come back. I just don't have the time to let two of my guys spend all summer string trimming. We're so much more productive since we stopped trimming. We still do some minor trimming but we're down to a few hours a week. That's good because my summer crew starts Monday and I've got a lot for them to do.

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