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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by CelticGreens, Apr 1, 2005.

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    is there any difference between the Lesco pre-M's, ferts, etc..at Home depot versus a LESCO distribution center. are the home depot products less potent, less harmful for consumers? or is it exactly the same.

    i saw ROUNDUP Soper Concentrate, 1 gallon for $100, is that the same as what LESCO sells in their stores or is it less formulated? just wondering so i have a second place to get products. also, from your experiences, is home depot cheaper than lesco or bout the same?
  2. If you inspect the labels, you will find out!
  3. marko

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    Check the a.i. (active ingredients) on the label. That will answer it for you. Without looking I would have to say yes, they are different because I am sure the Lesco centers owners would be :realmad: :angry:
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    Super Round-up they sell at Home Depot (in the bottle with the purple cap) is 50.1% glyphosate, the stuff we get here ( I've never seen a Lesco in California) QuikPro Round-up is 73.3%. At HD it cost about $100, at Hydroscape it's $125 and with my Preferred Customer Card it's only $90. Stronger stuff for less money is a no-brainer as you Yanks say.
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    May not be convenient for you, but 2 locations Los Angeles area and 1 by San Diego.

    No preferred card, but get QuickPro for $94 @ Horizon Irrigation. Bound to have one that is convenient for you.

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