Home made high end portable sprinkler

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Garrett1234, Sep 24, 2019.

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    C63906C7-0D1C-48D3-8B97-C3DC48F26D22.jpeg 4C8D9C32-E4D8-405E-84C0-E3BB483EDB1D.jpeg I just wanted to share my “cheapie” home made (high end) portable sprinkler.
    I could not bring myself to pay for the falcon rotor sled sprinkler from BIGSPRIKLER.COM. Ball park 150 ish bucks delivered.
    So I built my own and even used the stainless steel falcon rotor instead of the lesser plastic version for a total of 43 bucks.
    Note: I was worried the weight of the base would not be able to handle the “torque” of the sprinkler. However it’s so solid I can probably make the support legs 1/2 as long reducing its total size.
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    What is the max distance on that rotor.
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    65 “ish” ft
    I space my in ground irrigation at closer to 50 to 55ft
    I turn down the adjustment screw for a more broken up main jet which makes that spacing more appropriate
    Those photos are running their #12 nozzle.
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