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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by madmusic, Aug 7, 2004.

  1. madmusic

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    Alright here it goes. Trying to get those awesome stripes like some of you get on your lawns. First I have a Toro Z 500 20-52 that I bought about a month ago. Love the machine but no stripe in stock trim; just tire lines. So I look at making a Striping Kit myself. First one I made was a 2 inch roller made out of PVC pipe,with brackets mounted to the anti scalp wheel supports. Made about full width of deck(50 inches). I filled the pipe with sand and it worked so so until i backed up and the pipe went under the scalp wheels. I took it off and went home to build a second one. Already upset a little I decided to go to the toro dealer to purchase one for 100 big ones. After seeing it I thougt to myself I can make that. So I went to the big rig store and bought the biggest ,thickest mud flap I could buy (10 bucks) then bought 2 strips of 1/4 inch steel and sandwhiched the flap between them and mounted it on my mower using my smarts (ha ha). Cut the flap long enough so it would bend with the deck height adjustment set on 3.5 inch cut height. still no f@#$%ng stripes. So I took the rest of the flap and doubled it up between the metal strips to make it stiffer and stiil no luck. Third try I was thinking was going to be a charm( ha ha ). I went back to the big rig store and bought another mud flap and a apiece if angle iron and mounted the flap to it and put it on the back of my mower with it cut a 13 inches so about 7 inches would drag the grass. Also still had the second kit mounted on the mower and still no serious stripes. Fourth try I took the roller and cut it to a length that I could mount it on the brackets behind the deck and where it would fit between the tires (cut it at 29 inches) when backing up. Mounted it with chains,I have noy got to try this set up yet. My ??? is am I doing something wrong or is it the grass Im cutting or what? I have high lift blades on my mower with no pitch adjustment on the deck. Also I know to mow in opposite directions. Im not bagging either. I really need some help on what else I can try. So please help me with any advice you can offer or your opinions.

    thanks so much,

    WJF (aka madmusic):confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    I highly recommend a roller from Big League if all else fails. They are a little pricey but they really lay down some impressive stripes and are heavy duty, quality built. The one I use w/ my 60" Super Z weighs about 40lbs and that's plenty to stripe most turf types. If you're in Hickory I imagine your cutting mostly fescue which stripes great but if its Bermuda it won't show nearly as well. Good luck.
  3. madmusic

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    I talked to Big Leauge Rollers and they said that they dont make one for my mower. Thanks for the reply.
  4. NoWalk4Me

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    Sorry about the bad news from Big League. I guess w/ the Toro being a newer model they may not have designed anything for it yet. Good luck bro'. Hope you enjoy the new 500, its a vast improvement over the 200 series (deck, spindles, etc). My local dealer is a bigtime Toro dealer and had it not been for the Super Z doing so well on my slopes I'd probably have a 500. BTW the 500 came out about 2 months after I got my Super so I was comparing it to the 200's old deck, etc.
  5. madmusic

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    Well I made a new roller today out of 3 inch PVC filled with sand,hung with chains behind the deck. Definitly heavyer than the 2 inch pipe. I may have made it two to three inches two short but I have enough pipe and sand to make another, I wiil need to buy two more end caps though. Anyway I am about 100 bucks into this engineering feat and feel im getting closer with each try. Im just hoping I should not have paid the 100 big ones for the factory kit. I now have five of these homemade kits and thats just to damn funny.

    thanks again and keep giving your opions and advice on this please.

  6. drsogr

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    Tell us how that works for you, I am looking for some ideas for my 36" JD. It stripes decent, but I would like better. Make sure that you have the front of your mower 1/4" to 1/2" lower than the back of the mower. The pros call that deck pitch, it is supposed to help out with striping.
  7. madmusic

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    It is pitched about a 1/4 incch lower in the front from the factory. Before the kits I have tried my mower would not stripe at all. I will let you know how this one works and if it does I will talk to you on the phone to let you know my findings and offer you many different options. (at least five) Love my free long distance and can talk faster than I type.

    thanks again


    p.s. keep the comments coming
  8. Norm Al

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    i vote that all "striping kit threads",,,,,win the tired thread of lawnsites!
  9. madmusic

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    You vote then, better yet why dont you do a poll? Here is a example;

    which are you tired of:

    which ztr to buy

    what blades to use

    would you have done this

    smart a$$ thread replies

    As always thanks for most of your comments!

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    i too made a homemade striping kit. i got a long steel rod and put links of chain on it separated by little peices of garden hose (they act as spacers). i mounted this contraption at the back of the mower to keep them away from the blades. it works pretty well, not as good as a professionally made one, but i'm happy with it. it is similar to the zebra striping kit that you can get from dixie chopper, but cost me $50, and not $250 like theirs. i had heard about adjusting deck pitch, but haven't tried it, i think that's my next step. also, are the high lift blades supposed to help out?

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