Home made truck ramp

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by StihlMechanic, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. StihlMechanic

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    Check out this site. (This is not mine by the way). I have been thinking of doing same thing for a while now, surprised someone beat me to it. I want to get away from a trailer for day to day mowing maintenance. I also plan to buy a 36 inch grandstand next season and sell the 60 I have to make my operation more efficient. The guy has a 34 inch exmark, perfect operation for your high populated tract home hoods. Anyways check out the site.


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  3. JDiepstra

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    How does decreasing ones mower size by approximately 40% make one more efficient?
  4. ReddensLawnCare

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    If the yards are tiny, then a 60 Is counter productive bc of increased trim work , time turning and manuverability (sp?)
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    instructables is a great site if you like building things .

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    i think he wants that kind of setup for smaller yards with 36"-40" gates, plus he doesnt have to haul around a trailer. This way he is saving gas, and time trying to manuever a trailer, & wear & tear on the vehicle. Hes got his reasons
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    This type of setup has worked wicked for me, and my area. Only take the walker/trailer out 1-2 days for larger properties. We have a huge postage stamp subdivisions going up everyday around my area.
  8. metro36

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    I used this ramp for a while. It worked great for a few years but I out grew it this year. It has been sitting in my yard all year. I am thinking about building some kind of cart so I can remove it quickly and then using it for snowblowers this winter.

    Would consider selling it but freight could be a tad pricey.
  9. Gatewayuser

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    How much would you sell it for? Could u check on shipping price to Cincinnati?
  10. metro36

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    Check you pm

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