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I'll post the pics in a little bit. The first is my "office" overall. The second is my desktop computer.

Desktop Computer Specs:

- Custom Desktop Computer built by me
- Windows XP Pro w/ all updates & PLUS! Digital Media on Partition 1
- Windows Longhorn Pro beta 4051 on Partition 2 (to be released in 2006)
- Red Hat Linux 9.0 on Partition 3
- Office XP Professional (Word, Outlook, Powerpoint, Access, Viso, FrontPage, Excel, Access)
-Adobe Photoshop 7.0 & CS
- Corel Draw! 10
- AMD 3.2 Ghz
- 1.2 GB (1200 MB) PC-2100 DDR RAM
- 40 GB & 80 GB Hard Drives (7200 RPM)
- 16x10x40 CD-RW Drive (Top Drive Bay)
- 16x DVD-ROM & 40x CD-ROM (Second Drive Bay)
- 8x8x52 DVD +/- RW/CD-RW/DVD-ROM/CD-ROM (Third Drive Bay)
- Floppy Drive
- 40 GB Home Network Backup Tape Drive
- 6 USB 2.0 (Backward Compatible to 1.1 USB) Ports
- 4 USB 1.1 Ports
- ATI Radeon 9800 128 MB DDR 400 Mhz Video Card
- Happuage WinTV TV Tuner (and VCR)
- Sound Blaster Live! Platinum 5.1 Sound Card
- 17" Dell Trinitron Monitor .22 Dot Pitch (TALK ABOUT SHARP DISPLAY!!! :p )
- Microsoft Intellimouse Wireless Explorer Mouse
- Logitech New Touch Natural Keyboard w/ touchpad
- Palm Vx w/ 8MB RAM (contact organizer & appointments)

Gateway Solo 2500 Specs:

- 400 Mhz Celeron
- 256 SD-RAM
- 4 GB Hard Drive (10 GB Network Storage)
- Touchpad
- 13.3" Screen
- Linksys 802.11b Wireless LAN card

Network Peripherals:

-HP Laserjet 4 B&W Laser Printer w/ 32MB RAM
-Tektronix Phaser 340 Color Laser Printer (downstairs)
-HP Deskjet 845C 1200 DPI
-Cannon i850 4800x4800 DPI Borderless photo printer
-HP Deskjet 520 B&W
-HP Scanjet 2400x2400 DPI Scanner
-FujiFilm FinePix S-5000 Digital Camera 6.1 Megapixel (10x Optical, 2.2 Digital Zoom- I LOVE THIS THING!!!!!!!)

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my "office" machine is my laptop (pronounced "craptop".

Sony Vaio
256mb ram
10gb hd
Gopher 2003

my main machine is a custom box
amd 2200 (1.9ghz)
512mb pc2700
19" flat panel
64mb nVidia
Gentoo Linux

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My desktop computer is custom made:
2.4 Ghz Intel Pentium 4
80gig byte hard drive
512 MB Ram
Windows XP Pro
DVD RW Drive
CD RW Drive
Radeon 9200
2 17 in monitors
I also have a window on the side of my case with neon lights inside.

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Office PC P3 800m, 512 cheapo ram

Gaming/Design PC

P4 2.53g
Win2K Pro
DVD/CD/Video IN/OUT blah blah....
Asus P4S8X 8x agp motherboard
1024 2700 DDR ram
Radeon 9700 Pro 128Mg video
SoundBlaster Audigy Gamer soundcard
60g abit harddrive
Antec server case 500w power with 5 fans

Get about 400 fps in most games. 8)

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Could you come and organize my office? I haven't been able to see my desk top for a couple of years!


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"Main office"

Desktop pc with printer/copier/scanner/fax. Specs available if wanted.

To the left of the main desk is the "mailing station"...Fold invoices and estimates, stick them in envelopes etc.

Lots of file storage area.

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"Secondary office"

Laptop pc with an inkjet printer.

This pc is mostly used for business research, aka lawnsite:)

There is also a third computer that I don't have a pic of. All three are linked together and share cable modem, printers, and files. Two of the three computers have zip drives, all have cd burners and dvd drives.

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heres mine:

this is a 3200+
1536mb DDR 2700
(2) 250gb HDD
plextor dvd+r, +rw, ect..
radion 9800 video
soundblaster live plat.
USB 2.0 (6) firewire (4)
1000mb networkcard (+ dual 100mb nics)
DUAL monitors (19inch trinatron & 17inch

heres the server, and another system
the server:
1024mb ddr
1000gigs HDD (ya a tarabite)
no sound no video
1000mb nic (gigabite)

the other sys:
2.6mhz p4
1024mb ddr
9800 radion
soundblaster live

their are also 2 more desktops, 1 in the kitchen (built in to the counter & wall (basicly just to surf, check email, and my wife keeps here recipes on it) and 1 in the garage!

also a laptop w/ wireless

all where built by me except the laptop.

3 networked printers
1 networked scanner
7 network camaras, (basicly for security)
Digital camara, dv video camara, slim p3
all systems have XP pro on them EXCEPT the server (windows server 2003 enterprise edition)

all are networked together via a gigabite network
share 4mb down stream and 512 up

my office is about 15ft x 24ft ....the rest is currently being used for storage.

( I pay 5% above cost for all computer related equip.... so why not!)
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