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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Charles, Mar 1, 2019.

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    yup you can but how can you know what to expect? things change way too much in this industry. you may get 5-10 new customers or you may only get 3 or you may lose some customers or you may not. you don't really know how it's gonna play out beforehand.
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    that's dumb. if you pay less you aren't gonna invest that money. you are gonna spend it on stuff most likely. either way it's the government's money not yours because of the tax laws we have. they will always have the upper hand. they can just as easily take the money you pay at the end of the year and then invest it for a year. they don't have to use it right away.

    the government needs more money to pay off debt anyways. will they use it for that? probably not but that's not our fault it's theirs.

    anyways none of that matters anymore since i don't work for someone else. i just work for me. i don't claim 0, 1 or anything anymore. i do my taxes myself.
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    Didn't you find that result on Google?

    What makes your link more reputable than Tony's?

    You even cited Quickbooks as not putting out urban legends...

    And Quickbooks says it's a myth too....That's odd...when quickbooks gives information that supports your opinion they're correct....when they give information that it's a myth it's suddenly You can find anything on Google to support anything....

    This going to turn into one of your 10 pages of how you're opinion is right because it's you saying it and everyone is wrong tirades?
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    Do you use Quickbooks, I originally saw the guidence there while doing my taxes years ago. I could care less how you file your taxes, it is non of my business. You win , are you happy now?
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    i don't use Quickbooks. they offer it for free when i do my taxes but i never accept it. all i need is a pen/pencil and a notebook.
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    So how many of you are peeking out of your window blinds???
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    i do that every day all winter long. :laugh:
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    Line 30 schedule c, ka poo yah, bummer
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    First off, I'm not a tax expert. I'm doing a lot of reading about taxes, borrowed some books from the local library. "Small Time Operator" and "Working for Yourself" a Nolo book. Also have a J.K. Lasser 2019 "Your Income Tax" I didn't start yet. It's my understanding that if you purchase books like this you can write them off if they are used for a current tax year. Why buy when you can borrow? This year will be my first year in operation. The write offs that aren't allowed are for employees working for a business, (union dues, work boots, mileage). If you are a sole proprietor the new tax laws are in my opinion a boost. 20% pass through of profits (don't pay Federal Income Tax on 20% of your profits), first year write offs on assets. I met with both an accountant and a lawyer when I was first setting up my business. I asked them both "test" questions, they both failed. The person most interested in your business is you. Plus the books are keeping me busy and out of trouble!
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    That's why you hire/consult with one. My business return is like 25 pages.

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