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    As the proud new owner of a Little Wonder 5 hp blower, may I give a little insight to other home owners into what I have learned in my search for the right blower. The first issue was back pack or walk behind. I didn't want to carry 20+ pounds around and dread every time I had to blow leaves. So the WB was my choice.
    Next, was deciding between Billy Goat or Little Wonder. I bought the LW and the Swivel Wheel Kit. It is much more versatile and manueverable. In the lower end model, the BG doesn't have a throttle control on the handle bars, the tires are smaller and there is no swivel kit with any BG's. Also, having to put an adaptor on to be able to blow forward wasn't convenient for my situation. I need to use both capabilities, forward and sideways, multiple times to move the piles around trees, fence row, etc. Having to put on and take off the adaptor would be a pain.
    The one advantage of the BG, the fingertip nozzle control doesn't really seem necessary since the LW is capable of splitting the air stream to the specific need.
    And I like the fact that LW equips their low end model exactly like their high end models, i.e same size tires , throttle control on handle, etc. BG wants you to spend more to get these features. Finally, that plastic nozzle seems like it could get broken pretty easlily when working in a tight space.
    For all the pro's, please understand this review is from the perspective of a home owner with a slightly above average sized corner lot surrounded by some very large oak trees. I am not in any way suggesting this machine would be appropriate for professionals.

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