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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by turfman59, May 19, 2002.

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    I am having problems frequently getting well and pump specs from clients. Some dont even know what size pump they have. or how far down the pump is or how deep the well is. Without these specs it makes it extremely hard to design the system efficiently or adequately. Is there a fool proof trick or formula without calling the well installer for pump specs or his well log info. I thought about putting in a T and a hand valve and measuring after that but it seems I am putting the cart before the horse. specific client has a 1/2 horse pump at 160 ft with 70 feet of water standing in the supply side he says the well installer says it will produce 20 gallons per minute, But it is only coming in the house with a 1" poly pipe supply. This seems small, 1" poly can only carry 14 gpm under 5 feet per second, any faster and water hammer or thing s can start coming apart not to mention high friction loss.

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    I either contact the manufacturer, their distributor or the pump installer. I also usually keep a Meyers book and a Goulds book. Usually someplace someone has a decal, receipt from when it was changed etc. I have also done flow test witha bucket and stop watch from a hose bibb.

    Had one for a picky electrical engineer the other year where he didn't think his 1/2 horse would do 10 gpm cause he couldn't run 2 hose sprinklers at the same time. Pressure switch was set for 20-40. To placate him I went out and adjusted the switch to 45-65, adj tank pressure and did a flow test. It was doing over 10 at just under 50 psi.

    I'f find it hard to believe a 1/2 horse will do 20 GPM. Unheard of at a pressure and volume suitable for irigation.

    When you do a flow test make sure the pump is running steady. Adj the pressure switch if necessary up to maybe 70 psi cut out with how ever many hose bibbs you need to open to keep it running at 50 psi +/- 5psi generally. Bucket measure and time the bibb(s). Add the results of multipkle bibbs if open at theame time. The results are safe.

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