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    It's not all that often you get a job that pays silly money. Back in January 2004 we did a mulching job on a two acre estate. The job needed 240 yards of mulch. This was a finished property so you could drive trucks and equipment across the place.

    I figured we'd rent some tracked equipment and budgeted 10-12K to do the job. I had a blower truck company give me a sight unseen bid and it was about $10.5K. I told them to go look at the property and see if they could sweeten the deal. They lowered the bid to $6750. In the meantime we had already submitted our bid to do the job for $18,750.

    Well, we got the job and sub'd it out for $6750. I made made $12,000 in two days and did none of the actual work. I'm sure other people will chime in with other stories but I think this one will be hard to beat.

    The only down side of the job was I purchased a 97 F250 with a chunk of the profit. The trans went out and then the 7.3 tanked. We had the truck for about 50K miles and spent 10K on maintenance. Now I invest my money in only Cummins powered trucks and have less problems! Damn Ferds! I now own a 2009 4x4 Dually Ram and a 2006 2500 Ram.

    The blower truck prices have gone way up so now we mulch the place with 3,200 bags using a T190 to move the pallets around the property. The profit is down to $5k but that not a bad profit four days work with a four man crew.
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    Lawnsite is just as amazing today as it was when I found it a very short time ago.
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    I've known about this place for a while but just recently started using it. It's fun when you can show people cool things you've done or blow their minds with crazy stories about things you've done.

    Nothing surprises me anymore. I once had a customer give me a $500 Christmas tip, another customer was going to give me a computer but lighting damaged it. He gave me the flatscreen monitor and an $800 Best Buy gift certificate instead. They had a special on HD TV's so when we bought the TV we got another $200 gift certificate! Gotta to love it!
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    Last year every one of our res customers baked us a tin of home made cookies. We had cookies all over the shop. Only problem, I am deathly allergic to nuts so I could not eat any of them. Had a customer who just moved here from CA give me a 12x8 enclosed trailer for giving his lawn a tune up. Its now a pressure washing trailer
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    Here's another story that rivals mine. My mechanic was telling me about the guy who owns Lawnman. He had a lady customer who was selling a boat for about $10K because she was moving to CA. The Lawnman owner looked at the boat didn't buy it. Some time went by and all of a sudden the lady had to leave to CA with only a days notice. She called the Lawnman and just gave him the boat for free!
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    Some folks just have that luck. My buddy had a friend of his uncle give him a dadgum bobcat with a 20 hp Kawasaki with a 48 inch cut. In turn my buddy had to mow just mow and tri
    It for 2 Years every 10 days bout a 30 minute job. No tellin how much money that mower has made him since getting it.
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