Home Services Store, can they get you any biz?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by osc, Dec 19, 2000.

  1. osc

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    Anyone out there heard of Home Services Store? Deal is they charge home owners $48 per year to be a member. When the member needs a contractor they call up and HSS sends one out and guarantees their work. The contractors undergo extensive background checks and provide 6 references before they sign on and HSS gets a cut when the customer pays. No terms, customer pays when the job is done. The office in the big city nearest me says they have plenty for me to do and could keep me busy over the winter as well. They don't get paid unless I work so it must be okay right? I've read over the contract and nothing scares me yet.
  2. Likestomow

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    Go for it!

    And report back, ya hear?
  3. landscaper3

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    Never heard of it? Like LIKESTOMOW siad go for it! and let us now what its about.
  4. ronslawncare

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    more input im very intersted
  5. lawnworker

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    osc i sighned up with them but will not do no work for them i just dont like a middle man between me and my custormers they called on a few jobs and would give me vauge details are misinformation on jobs to bid.
    This is not to say it might not be good for you though it comes down to the way you feel about having a go between on your jobs let me know if you go this route and how you do

  6. Greenkeepers

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    I've never heard of them. Do you have to sign a noncompete agreement with them that your not going to steal their customers? If not that would be a great way to get some commercial customers. I'm not saying it's good business but it's smart business.
    Plus if they can keep you busy over the off months then that is something to think about as well.
  7. sunrise

    sunrise Banned
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    sounds like Handeman on line You the customer e-mail them you wants and they send someone out to do est,
    You paid $20.00 for each est. you wrote then 15% if you got the job. I stayed a way from them to fishy for me
  8. Got Grass?

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    Anyone have any updates on this? How has it worked for you?

    Yeah, I got a call from them as well. The guy told me it was part of Sam's club, If you are a elite member of sams club you get membership to this. I met with the guy today and it's quite confusing so I didnt agree to anything. Apparently thay refer people to you but it sounds more like you refer people to them. Thay make you use one of thier "estimate & final payment" forms. The guy told me for every job I do I get $25 from HSS I can charge the cust. $5 and still get the $25 but its in the form of a service voucher for the customer but the $ goes to me. But thay take 10% of the total. I cant remember the small print. Tring to figure out of thay want 10% if thay sign up for a contract with me or the initial job. Or if the $25 is only good if thay become a member of HSS. ANY input from anyone that knows of this company would be great.
  9. awm

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    i gota wonder how they can get all this work,pay you enough ,make money themselves when there are lco s at every stop light in charlotte.I THINK THERE IS A RULE THAT A LIGHT STAYS RED UNTIL A LCO TRUCK COMES ALONG.
  10. Freetime

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    Sounds like Triple A to me and that is a bad deal! Let them start their own lawn care company if things are so wonderful. Here is one possibility you join up “ we want 10% percent of work” then “well we want 15% now” until it gets to a point that you are working for PEANUTS tell them to call TRUE CRAP/ LAND KILL to work out a nice deal.

    Middle man just taking a cut of your income and if a fast talking salesman is confusing you already it is not a good sign in my book. Do a back ground check on them in the BBB website.

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