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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Rayholio, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Rayholio

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    I got in the home show.. I was in it my 1st year, but wasn't able to get in again until now... back then it was a $50 banner, a PC with a flashpoint presentation, and a bunch of andees mints.. I took names, and did a lot of lawn analysis's because of it.. even closed a few sales!

    This year, I want to take it to the next level! any of you had successful home shows? any secrets, or promotions you might like to share? :)
  2. Shades of Green LService

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    What's a " Home Show" ?
  3. MnLefty

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    Never done it myself but here's a few points that I would guess you've probably thought of yourself already... Nothing groundbreaking.

    -Make sure your company name stands out, a big banner whatever. You don't want people struggling trying to figure out who you are...

    -Make sure they have something to take with, as simple as a business card, a flyer with pictures, pens, whatever... just something so when they empty out that bag of literature at home your company hits them again.

    -Awesome pictures of your "prize" lawns... something to catch their eye and say "I want that".

    -Make sure anybody that you have a referral relationship with who also might be there knows that you are there too. Homebuilders, mowers, landscapers... anybody that you have a relationship with, be sure to mention each other.

    -Any kind of "home show special" would probably help... even if it is your normal incentive on a new signup. xx dollars off full season program for those that signed up at or because of the home show. Any kind of special or discount you offer, make sure it is the "home show" offer.

    Thats all I've got.
  4. garydale

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    I have found you need free stuff with your name on it.(Pencils,refrigerator magnets, handouts etc.

    Give away fact sheets, offer coupon for a free service and try to gear info to housewife, she controls the purse strings.

    We give small 1lb. freezer bags of grass seed with business card enclosed.
  5. Rayholio

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    a home show is usually put on be the HBA (Home Builders Association) and it's where anyone who offers a construction type service wants to be.. Lot of customers looking for ideas for a soon to be built house, or a recently built house.

    It's the only show worth going to around here.

    Yep... I know the basics.. just wondering if anyone has any huge success stories, and what 'made it happen' :)

    I do appriciate the advice!
  6. lawnservice

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    we do 3 shows every late winter/early spring

    one is a large show that we need to be at (or look) our best.
    we hire college students (male and female) to work the crowd. of course they are dressed 'sexy' and work the isles handing out literature/business cards and direct folks to our booth. naturally the females work the men and the males work the ladies.

    the smaller shows are very local and only go on for 2 days each. we spend very little money for these shows. no college students...just me and a couple employees but the same method of working the isles handing out literature/business cards/ Also on these 2 shows I send out an employee from time to time to put fliers on windshields along with a pen of the cars in the parking lot...just in case they might have missed or skipped our booth.

    all shows have trinkets...pens, magnets, fly swatters etc etc and we do a drawing for a free 5 step lawn program (generally limited to 5000sf and of course have to live in our service area., you'll get tons of people entering which you add to your marketing data and solicit them all season long and every season)
  7. RigglePLC

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    We had fun at one show--put out a piece of sod--and a sign, "Feel the grass." Amazing how many people stopped to run their hand through the grass.

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