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    I saw a thread last week looking for pic's on setup. I looked through what I have & found last years pic's.
    should I find others I will download. I think home shows are great to get your name out,but I dought they get you many jobs. I have done 5 shows





  2. westwind

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    Home expo shows have been fantastic for us. We have received a large amount of landscape work from these. Last year we got 1/4 of our total installs off of a 2 day show. Everything from full designs to patios. We have also received some maintenance clients from these shows. We have one coming up in March and are very excited as we have gotten a larger booth. I think it may depend on marketing of the show, and location. Love the set-up on your booth, the water feature is outstanding!!
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    That is really nice! A very attractive display. Is that shed and waterwheel a kit? Where can I find something like that...I have NEVER seen anything like that, before. I would love to build one for my mother. I bet she would really love that.

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    We have sold them in the past, They come Lancaster PA. made by the Amish its about 4' x 6' I think cost around 800 or 900 all cedar

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