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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Erdye, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Erdye

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    I have just entered the home spraying business (mainly spraying homes for spider control). As I am new to the business I dont want to under charge, the main chemicals I will be using are deltamethrin, and permethrin. I plan on charging $105/ application to homes that are 0-1500sqft. (We are only treating the outside of the home). And $140/application to homes 1500-3000sqft. Anything over 3000sqft will be increased by $12/1000sqft. These treatments are a once a year application. I am located in central WI. Any help would be greatly appriciated.
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    Outside, right? Are you spraying the grass? Or are you spraying the sideing, bushes, mulch, eaves, and overhangs?
    --Back pack, power mister or skid sprayer?
    --Are these spiders really big? Do your guys carry a machete?
    --You might as well get registered for mosquito control.
    Do you have advertising and sales expense? How about $25for trip and overhead, plus cost of chemicals, plus 2 dollars per minute?
  3. Mattcurry

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    Those prices seem super high from when i was going indoor pest control and the current prices in tampa. But also we used termidor on the outside perim and usually phantom on the inside. Never seemed to have any problem.

    Nut initial from 0-3000 sq ft. was like 125 including attic dust in indoor/outdoor baseboard treatments and around windows and soffit.

    Then like 50$ EOM thereafter.
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    as to what we charge everyone's market will be different. i charge $200 twice ayear - 1 in the spring and 1 in the fall. i've got several customers on this service schedule and they like it - never see a spider. we do alot of two story homes with large basements, which you may or may not have.

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