Homelite Backpacker Gas leaf blower

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Should I get the Homelite Backpacker gas leaf blower?

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  1. Cowman65

    Cowman65 Banned
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    I have been using a pretty good electric blower on my 1/2 acre yard for 5 years now. I'm now debating weather or not to buy a gas blower. :confused: I have a few oak trees an lots of grass clippings. I have been looking around and the homelite backpacker looks like a good deal. It is $163 at home depot. Is this a good price for a leaf blower? Is Homelite a good brand? Will it last? Should i even get a gas blower? Please Help!
  2. vipermanz

    vipermanz LawnSite Bronze Member
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    save $60
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  3. Cowman65

    Cowman65 Banned
    Messages: 9

    thanx, i will :D
  4. bassngrasser13

    bassngrasser13 Guest
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    I give the homelite backpacker two thumbs up and it is a lot more affordable than a stihl. I have one myself and it runs great
  5. Mownlawn

    Mownlawn Guest
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    I only 13 and I have had my lawn service for about 1 year now. I just bought a homelight backpacker about a mouth ago. I love. The only problem is that it chugs gas. But the i'v been using it the better the gas is. So I guess it just takes time. For what I use it for ( blowing off the grass clippings) it's great. My friends have told me that the longer you let it warm up the better it preformes. Of course is not going to be like a stihl, shindiawa, or Red Max. But It works great for me.


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