Homelite VS. Echo


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I recently went to Home Depot and priced a Homelite dual string, straight shaft, 17'' cut w a 25cc engine for $109.00 They had an Echo (model 2100SP) dual string, straight shaft,(longer shaft than Homelite and Im 6'5'') 17'' cut w a 21.6cc engine for $199.00(on sale). Is Echo worth the extra $90.00 for the smaller engine? I have 14 residential accounts.


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I have a Echo 2100 that I bought used 2 years ago. I only use it as a backup but have had zero problems with it. It probably gets about 8 hours of use a week. Being 6'3" I also appreciate the longer shaft. Also throw out cc measurements and HP measurements. That Echo will power through more than the Homelite. For residentials only the Echo is a good choice.

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If I had a choice of just those 2, I would get the Echo. It is a better trimmer plus the taller you are, the longer the trimmer shaft needs to be so you don't have to bend over to trim.


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That's the baby Echo straight shaft.

It CAN be bought for $169 if you shop online or e-mail me and I'll tell you where to mail-order it for that much.

For 14 residentials, it's a pretty decent trimmer.


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Go with the Echo... Im still in the residential maintenance business with about 45 accounts and have a Echo for my back-up and it still runs great. If you're going to be in the business, it's always better to spend that little extra cash and do it right the first time- You wont regret it.




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If you get the Echo, there will be more support in service and parts. Most lawn mower shops sell Echo products. Check out the Shindaiwa T230's.


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I agree with everyone but Homelite's aren't bad. I bought one last year before I started my biz this year otherwise I probably would have gotten a Stihl. My Homelite has given me 0 problems in the time I have owned it. It's got lots of power with the 25 cc engine. I let one of my dad's friends use it and he thought it was like going from a Ford Fiesta to a Lamborgini compared to his Weed-Eater.:)


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I also agree that the homelites are great residential trimmers, and I used a homelite when I started, but my Echo hasn't given me any problems at all since day one. So I'd have to say get the Echo. BUT,,, I've used a freinds Red Max and if you could swing it, I'd go with it. It was awsome and if my Echo ever dies I'll probably get one.