Homelite with Zama carb

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by killermrob83, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. killermrob83

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    Hello fellow members. Am having troubles with Homelite Trim-n-Edge string trimmer which is only about two years old. Can get it to start and idle, but won't achieve much more than a rough running slow speed when you try to run it up. The fuel is good and the spark plug has been replaced......the small foam air filter is also clean. Thought I might begin by rebuilding the carburetor, which is a Zama C1U 47H 14A. Does anyone know the correct part number for this rebuild kit? I've already disassembled the carb once; cleaned it up and inspected parts for damage.......still ran the same when I reassembled it. If you have any suggestions or comments, they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your input. Rob
  2. Restrorob

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    That would be Zama #RB-20 and Rotary Corporation #9244 .......
  3. killermrob83

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    Thank you Restrorob
  4. peak2p2000

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    before you rebuild the carb check the fuel filter in the tank it may need to be replaced.if you had the carb apart you may have oticed a small hole in the carb body thishole has a very small screen down in it this may also be clogged or varnished over. these screens arent worth trying to clean since they can be bought for pennies.just take your pocket knife and lift the screen out and use a small bolt to press in a new one.
  5. rclopez1118

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    check and make sure your exhaust is not slightly plugged.
  6. killermrob83

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    That was exactly what the problem was. There is a small metal screen that covers the exhaust ports located on the muffler. Once I removed all of the carbon that was plugging it up, it runs like new. Thanks for all of your suggestions. What is the actual purpose of this screen? Can I run the trimmer with the screen removed or will I risk damaging the engine somehow? Thanks again.
  7. rjxj

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    Its a spark arrestor. It keeps your neighbors field from catching on fire. Small red hot chunks of carbon can blow out of the muffler if its missing.
    To clean it, hold it with needle nose pliers and heat it up with a propane torch. The carbon will burn right off.
  8. killermrob83

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    Thanks again for the info and the cleaning tip....will definitely save me some down time in the future!

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