I told my wife that what I wanted her to get me for Christmas was a Husqvarna (closest dealer sells Husky) hand held blower/vac to use to vacuum leaves out of flower beds in spring and fall. What I got was a Homelite (which they also sell for residential use) Vac Attack with Zip Start or something like that! Anybody have an opinion on how long this thing will last and whether I should take it back and spend the extra $75-100 to upgrade to the Husky?


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You might want to think about a backpack blower to blow out the beds and such, you'll waste a lot of time with a vacuum.

And also, depending on how much use you will be demanding from it, it may be worth the commercial upgrade.

Hope this helps!


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I would definately get a backpack blower. If you have only got a certain amount of money, try to get a used one off ebay or the used commercial forum. I bought a used Shindiawa EB630 for $300 from Bob on the used equip. forum. I saved alot of money and got a very high quality blower.



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nitro--the homelite handheld blower thing is strictly home owner grade. they can be ok for blowing the drive and sidewalks.

as for the vac on the thing, don't expect much. for sucking up leaves out of beds, it's not worth the trouble.

I used to sell units similar to this one at home depot and for the homeowner, they generally got good reviews.

for commercial use...forget it.

the homelite backpack blowers are a cruel joke of nature they are so pittiful.

HOWEVER, for LIGHT COMMERCIAL use I do recomend the ST-275 homelite string trimmer.



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i owned one but i took back to homedepot. It took to long to blow. the backpacks arnt any good either my friend has one its pretty much the same thing but he likes it because its comfortable. i decided to get a stil blower. I only do 13 yards but i didnt like that other blower. You wont have much luck doing leaves in beds.

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Nitro, I would take it back if I were you. When I started out, I bought cheap equipment, but I learned the hard way, trial and error. I didn't have a great forum like this to learn from, so I did what I could on my own. Homelight will get you by, but you just don't know how long.

Professional equipment is built to last using it every day, all day long. Home owner equipment is built to use once a week for a couple years.


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I would sweep sidewalks before I would use a Homelite hand blower again. Mine lasted about a month.
Take the advice of others that have made the mistakes. Buy quality. It will be cheaper in the long run.


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Take the Homelite back!