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  1. Redmowers

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    Well I don't have a Homelite but I do have a Craftsman 32cc,that just will not die.It never fails to start winter or summer,it has fallen of the trailer and skidded down the road,one side of the housing is real thin.It got left behind at on job ,but we were reaquainted the following week I guess nobody wanted it.Every year I really expect I will have to replace it "this year" but that year has yet to come.Not too bad for a homeowner "Craftsman"but maybe This year.DOH !
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    red--I too have a crapsman blower. 13 years old and I used it for nine years solid around my house. today even, it'll run good. it is a great home owner blower.

    but for my commercial needs, no way it will cut the mustard.

    my place is kind of like a "retirement home for old equipment"!

  3. Redmowers

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    You too huh,I could start a lawn care museum with all the crap - stuff I have collected over the years.If it still works or could I probably still have it ,why I can't explain that.
  4. grassyfras

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    i hate to say this but if u buy it from homedepot and u dont get as much power or it breaks they will take it back no questions asked i did it about 5 time to trimmers and blowers i hate to say that but i did for 2 years but remeber 3 blowers and 2 trimmers in less then 2 years is poor
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    I too, started out using a Homelite handheld and it worked well for me for many years. Of coarse I was only doing 20 yards per week when I first started. Now, I wouldn't even think of using one after using my Stihl BR400 for the last 7 years. In comparing the Homelite to any other commercial blower think about what always goes first on almost any handheld or 2 cycle peice of equipment - the rope starter. Now take a look at your Homelite and imagine how long it's gonna take to replace the rope on it. You have to take the entire case apart to get at it. On commercial equipment there's 4 screws and 10 minutes worth of work and you're back in business. I bet it would take over an hour to replace the rope on a Homelite. Remember, time is money.
  6. geogunn

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    yo red--a couple more antiques that I have include a YAZOO 24 IN. BIG WHEEL mower. this thing is aolid cast iron! about 20 years old. you can't kill it! a bullet to the brain would bounce off!

    another is a mccouloc[(sp?) sorry, too much bubbly for the moment, HAPPY NEW YEAR!] chain saw. that baby will hurt your ears it's so perky!

    hey, I ve even got a JC PENNEY 8 hp tiller!

    mister stone ought to be proud of me!

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    Thanks for all the replies everyone. The case on the Homelite hand held blower looks glued together and pretty cheap. One of my main concerns was whether or not I would have problems starting it when it gets some age on it. I hadn't thought about having to change the starter rope and appreciate the good advice. I think I'll go back and get the Husky!
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    Grassyfras, Think about this. You pay 75 bucks for a hunk of crap you take back 5 times a year. You buy a decent blower at worst case $130-250 it will last you 1 plus years. You spend 5-10 minutes per yard trying to suck start the hunk of crap. My dealership is the service center for 10 Home Depots. I will tell you. I see a lot of Homelite, Weed Eater (poulan- same as crapsman.) and Ryobi. I hardly ever see Echo That is pretty much all they sell and starting soon they will only sell Homelite, they are dropping the rest. I understand that the crap is more popular but when I do see the Echo back it usually isnt warranty. Its one of you guys that brought it back because you forgot to remove it from the front of the pickup before you drove off. I am totally serious. I get deisel, pure water, I even had a guy bring back a sprayer that he bought from me that didnt spray. He forgot to remove the owners manual from the tank. So when you get a quality piece of machinery when it breaks it usually (not all the time) is because of the user. If you pull your blower from two feet of grass every time you want to use it and expect it to start. You will be a great employee for the fast food industry.

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