Homemade Dump Box


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N.E. Wisconsin
I'm thinking about building a dump box for my pickup. Its a Chevy S10(I modified the suspension so it will take some extra weight)<br>but I am looking for any information anyone might have on the mechanical design of the hydraulic system. I really can't afford to spend 20k on a full size pickup and another 3k on a dump box so I thought I could save a little and build the box myself.<br>I am cranking it out on a Loadhandler which works but a dump is the way to go. Thanks.
Well I have never made a dump bed. But here a thought sell the s10 buy a full size used truck and put a insert dump in or buy a kit from northern hydro. that makes your bed into a dump bed by puting a hoist and frame under your pick-up bed the kit rans about $ 900.00 and has all that you need in it. They work ok but if you go that route and use the pickup bed weld some support on to it. Or put a flat bed on with the kit that works great.