Homemade Racks or Buy them???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Cathman, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Cathman

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    Ok, looking for a rack for the trailer to hold all my stuff....trimmer, edger, blower, and hedger. Have any of you folks made your own, or do you buy the pre fab ones? They look simple enough to make if you know how to weld (which i have someone who can). But, are the pre fab ones better in some way.

    As for making....thinking square tube for the uprights, u-shaped bracket with holes drilled to the outside edge of each U in order to put a locking pin through.

    If you prefer pre fab....any brand/type that is better than the other in design and quality? Also something that would be easy on the bouncy bounce of the equipment while driving.

    Thanks for any info.
  2. Matt TrailerRacks.com

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    I would check out our new xtreme series trimmer rack. It features a design that makes it IMPOSSIBLE for your trimmers to roll around in the rack. Lightweight aluminum mounting blocks mount onto the trimmer shaft. These lock the trimmer into place on the rack, making it impossible for them to roll around or bounce in the rack (Eliminating spilled gas, flooded engines, and shaft damage). It also features a completely shielded lock design which prevents people from cutting the lock off.

    See more at:


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  3. bigbone

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    I thought about making a homemade trimmer rack but after looking at the designs of the retail ones I decided to go with the xtreme series.
  4. Prestige-Lawncare

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    I have the Xtreme series trimmer rack (4 place rack), and the back pack blower rack in my enclosed trailer. They have got to be the best rack out there as far has holding your stuff straight and still (not allowing them to spin in the rack) ... and the security is great! Matt is great to work with at TrailerRacks.com ... and like he says above ... Lawnsite members get an additional 10% off.

    I highly recommend them for your trailer.
  5. David Gretzmier

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    I made my own, I have an enclosed trailer, so 1 8 foot 2x4, 7 jumbo vinyl coated steel hooks, and 3" decking screws, 2 rubber straps, about 13 bucks total, and I have an easy to use weeadeater, edger, blower and hedge trimmer rack on one wall. works great, and since I lock the doors, they just need to be secured, not locked. to build on a trailer with steel would be 20-40 bucks more and some welding, but still way cheaper than 200-300 bucks for racks.
  6. Grass Cake

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  7. deereequipment

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    Custom. Here I have a box built accross the front, and one down the side.
    Both have lockable doors. Both have doors for the weedeaters, that are lockable. This way, the weedeater heads are completely out of the weather.
    In the boxes, are room for 2 back pack blowers, and air tank, tool box, and other needed accessories.

    Did I mention, it's all out of the weather, and lockable.
    Alot of ones I've seen that you can buy, are mesh. There fore in the weather, and people can look and see what you have.




  8. Pietro

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    I was dealing with this stuff too, and I just splurged and bought an enclosed trailer....so much easier.....everything is out of the weather, and I dont have to work for 20 mins at night AFTER working all day......putting tarps on and locking everything up.......

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