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    ive heard u can use dish washing soap to help weed control to stick better to the weeds ??
    i spray 2 gallons per 1000 sq ft
    and have a 300 gall unit how much dish soap do i use
    can it hurt any thing ??burn?? etc...:confused: :confused:
  2. xpnd

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    Have you ever seen an automatice dishwasher when regular dish soap is added? (Been there done that after a few beers. Seemed like a good idea at the time) You will have about the same problem? Commercial sticker does not foam. Spend the few dollars and do it right to avoid a trail of foam down the road.
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    Soap is a surfactant that reduces surface tension. It also foams. When you spray herbicides you really dont want the spray to penetrate the ground and soap will help it do that.
    I agree with xpnd and advise you to buy the correct product. There may also be issues with applying outside label specs which is a bad thing to be doing.
    Stickers work well, use the right product, you owe that much to those who pay you.
  4. Soap costs more then the labeled suffactant.

    Also foam is your enimy.
  5. Green Tech

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    All pesticides are blended to be sprayed in a neutral pH water as provided by law by your municipal water department.

    If you will read the pesticide label, it will specify a "nonionic" adjuvant (spreader, sticker, surfactant, crop oil, etc), because an anionic surfactant, or a cationic surfactant will change the pH of the spray mixture and in many cases decrease the effectiveness of the pesticide.

    Many of the detergents on the market are blended to intentionally change the pH of the wash water they are added to, thus increasing the grease disolving ability of the wash water, therefore they do not make good "stickers".

    Glyphosate is exceptionally sensitive to pH changes in the spray mix or to dirty water. This is why Monsanto adds the surfactant for you in the newer Round-up products.

    TOTALLAWN OF KY LawnSite Member
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    thanks guys all makes sence to me
    i ll do the right thing a nd buy the good stuff
    lots of good in put thanks guys
  7. HBFOXJr

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    There is also the difference of surfactant vs sticker. We say "sticker-spreader" but the product is 2 products rolled into one. One to reduce surface tension and allow the product to spread on waxy or hairy leaf surfaces. The second "sticker" makes it rainfast so it doesn't wash off the leaf easily. Thats why the stuff is real beligerant when claning up dried product in a measuring device.

    Oh yeah, just buy the real thing along with a little bottle of defoamer.
  8. Me defoamer is lemon fresh, well it smells like lemons.
  9. EJK2352

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    Fighter-F 10% antifoamer/defoamer by Loveland Industries is great stuff. I buy it from a local Ag. chemical dealer for half the price I was paying at Lesco. It does kinda have a lemon smell to it.
  10. greenwithenvy

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    will spreader sticker work while raining " lite rain" or "heavy rain",

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