Homemade Striping Kit with parts list $130.00 total

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    Fellas I just built a striping kit for my 48" Exmark TTHP that required no fabrication all parts are readily available at either Home Depot and West Marine or Boaters World $130.00 total. Here is the parts list and pictures of job complete. You will need to enlarge the holes on the taillight brackets and washers to approximately 7/8. FYI, I would guess that it weighs about 35 lbs.

    Lawn stripe pictures to come once the weather clears.

    West Marine shopping list and part numbers
    - 9 smooth Wobble Rollers # 377135 $8.99 ea.
    - 4 taillight install brackets # 420481 $5.49 ea.
    I fabricated two heavy duty ones out of flat stock before I found this part. I recommend four of these because they are not as heavy duty as what I made. They are the last picture in the set and are also leaning on the wobble wheels in one picture.
    - 1 package (two per package) flush mount fender bracket #4484176 $17.99

    HD shopping list (don't know parts numbers and cost is from memory)
    - 1 three foot 3/4 OD black pipe threaded on both ends $3.00
    - 2 3/4 ID pipe caps $2.00
    - 2 3/4 ID washers $1.00
    - 1 2 1/2' section of Uni-Strut (from electrical department) unfortunately sold in 10' sections. I got mine as a scrap from an electrician friend for free.
    - Lock-Tite if you choose for the pipe caps

    Striping Kit Pictures 001.jpg

    Striping Kit Pictures 002.jpg

    Striping Kit Pictures 005.jpg

    Striping Kit Pictures 004.jpg

    Striping Kit Pictures 003.jpg
  2. TheKingNJ

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    lets see some pics of it in action.

    FERT-TEK LawnSite Bronze Member
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    just finished it tonight and will have pictures for you guys by Monday I hope.
  4. MJR_63

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    Nice job! Looks pretty similar to my design I posted at the beginning of the summer. Although I used the wobble rollers, cold rolled round 5/8" steel stock and 1/2" PVC sections cut into small pieces for spacers between each of the wheels. My design also extends the rollers beyond the wheels of my mower. You should use a roller width that is approximately 4" - 6" smaller than the size of your mower deck. This minimizes the amount of overlap you need to do on each pass. For the "Z" type mowers the rear wheels are almost the same width as the deck but for some of the walk behind units the deck goes way beyond the width of the rear tires (e.g. Exmark walkbehind mowers). On my Exmark Metro the distance from the one rear tire to the other tire (outside to outside dimension) is 35". My deck is 48" and my striping kit extends to 42". My wheels have a slight space (1/8") between them so each one rotates independently, similar the Big League Lawns version...See link below....


  5. ed2hess

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    Won't it bend the attachment brackets when you turn?
  6. Grits

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    I don't see how. The rollers turn individually from each other, therefore alleviating lateral movement when turning. I think.:)

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    Dude you are freaking me out our parts lists are almost identical!

    I based my design off of the BLL I bought for my Toro Z a couple years ago. After receiving it I looked at the parts and figured it would be easy enough to build if I needed another. Well I traded my zero turn for a stock Exmark TTHP and went to work on making one. Like I said, and you posted, all the parts are out there and it can be made with little or no fabrication at all. The reason I chose the smooth rollers was only because they seemed slightly heavier. Also, when I went in to Boaters World I intended on buying the ones BLL uses that are on your kit. I also thought about putting spacers in there but want to see how it performs without them. There is about 1/2" of play from side to side on the threaded pipe I used.

    FERT-TEK LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Like Grits wrote each roller spins individually and has slightly rounded edges so it wont dig in to the turf either. If I were to guess the weak link in this setup might be the upside down L brackets that attach the roller to the mower frame due to side to side stress but the fender brackets I used are pretty heavy duty.

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