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Homemade stump grinder guard?

Discussion in 'Tree Service Equipment' started by Guest, Jan 25, 2013.

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    This gaurd looks stronger than the one we purchased a couple years ago. I took the thing out on the first job and bent feet trying to set it up. This thing was something like $270 or something, we tried to get new parts from the manufacturer but they were a little dodgie. We ended up pitching it and making up our own systems.
    The plywood leaned against a pointed shovel works great, we even carry a fence post when we know we will need it.
    I like a 4' - 6' metal bar (rebar even) with a hook on top, and a mesh tarp. Much lighter than the plywood and sets up fast. Just gotta put the gromits over the hook and instant wall. Cheap too, wish I had a picture of it set up.
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    I'm thinking of making a stump grinder guard like Sherrill tree's tri-guard;
    It seems like it would lessen the cleanup, protect property,and improve safety, but it seems over-priced. I think three pieces of panted plywood with safety stripes would work just as well....

    Any input, opinions, or pictures would be appreciated!


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