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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by TimberlandGrounds, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. TimberlandGrounds

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    In my neck of the woods, there are many subdivisions that have homeowner associations. These associations are in charge of the common areas throughout the subdivision. I am trying to figure out how to get a hold of these associations, i.e. who to call on the association board to inquire about 2004 lawn cutting.

    The only thing I can think of is to call a real estate agent that is selling a house in that sub and ask how to get a hold of the association.

    Any thoughts, thanks.
  2. ElephantNest

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    Ask any customers you may have in that area if they know who the H.A. President is.
  3. twins_lawn_care

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    Same idea as Elephantnest.
    I live in a town house subdivision, and there is a board of volunteer residents who are in charge of taking care of these types of services. I would simply ask anyone in the area who is on the board, or perhaps when the next meeting is, and get a proposal ready for them to review, since they don't get together all that much. Our's meets like every month or 2.
  4. SWD

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    Or quite simply ask the post office delivery person if they know who, what and where .
  5. Fantasy Lawns

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    Whom ever pays the property tax owns the property .... this is public info .... as well is the address to send an intro letter too .... usually a PO box to the HOA

    n my case is availiable on my local property tax man's web site

    lots of times board meetings are posted just outside or near the main entrance area also
  6. mtdman

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    How do these subdivisions pay for common area mowing? I've always wondered about that. Do the homeowners have to pay a fee?
  7. Moguy

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    "How do these subdivisions pay for common area mowing? I've always wondered about that. Do the homeowners have to pay a fee?"
    After the HOA recieves its yearly dues from each homeowner, a budget is figured on how much they are willing to pay for lawn care etc. Then the HOA accepts bids from companies intrested.
  8. Lanelle

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    Some local governments keep a list of the HOAs and the contact info. You might start there. Just remember that a volunteer managed HOA is a whole new bucket of worms. You are dealing with homeowners who have whatever notions about grounds maintenance and they are in charge of the money and the decision making. They often think that the way to do things is exactly the opposite of industry standards. And each time that there is a major change in officers, the new people want to start over by firing all of the existing contractors and hiring new ones. Many times this happens even tho' there has never been a complaint or problem. I call it 're-inventing the wheel'. If you can stomach that, go for it.
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    Hi TimberlandGrounds,

    A short time ago we had talked with a customer that took out the association board to dinner to discuss their proposal. Just a thought. I think there were five board members.

    What ideas do you have when it comes to presenting proposals/bids to home owner associations?
  10. SWD

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    I do a lot of work for Property Owner Associations. POA's assess a membership fee, based upon whatever has been agreed upon to determine amount, and this is where the money comes from for all sorts of things.
    Typically, POA's will put out a request for bid, or will contact the local service providers and say they are willing to pay X amount for whatever.
    How I got started with my POA was that I am a member so the board of directors knew to contact me.
    As far as how you gain access to POA meetings or board members, find a person that lives in that subdivision, then ask them.

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