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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by mooch91, Aug 15, 2019.

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    I cut close to 2 acres weekly, usually twice per week. I'm cutting higher quality northern turf, primarily a mix of tall fescue and kentucky bluegrass. My primary goal is quality of cut (lawn care is a hobby), secondary is speed (since I'm cutting so often).

    I've owned two yellow brand lawn mowers: one an entry level residential, the other high-end residential; both 54". I traded the first to buy the second after a year because I was disappointed with quality of cut. I just sold the second after 4 years - cut much better, but I believe it was part of the reason I was cutting twice per week; it just couldn't handle the volume of clippings when I let it go for 7 days.

    I'm currently demo'ing a Lazer Z E-series 60". I haven't tried it on any growth yet, but just breezing around the yard, I can tell this mower is a beast. Speed is tremendous and the FX751V Kawasaki is super strong. It makes my former mowers feel like toys.

    If it cuts as well as I'm hoping, I will want to buy.

    Issue I have is that the 60" is too big for the door on my storage shed. So I'll have to step down to the 52". I won't be able to try out the 52" before buying since the dealer doesn't have a demo in that size.

    Here is where it gets interesting. When I compare specs on the Lazer Z E-series, I notice that the 52" model shows a lower ground speed, 8 mph vs. 10 mph for the 60". My former mower was an 8 mph mower at 54". So on paper, the Lazer isn't going to get me done any faster, with 2" narrower deck width and same top speed. I was so excited at the speed of the 60".

    Am I overthinking the purchase based on specs? If it's a stronger motor (my old mower was an FR691V), I would think more of that power will be going in to turning the blades for a better cut. Plus, I'm thinking if it cuts taller grass better, I should be able to reduce the total number of cuts per week which is an advantage. And less power will be sapped by thick grass and hills, so it should be able to reach that 8 mph top speed under more conditions than my old mower.

    Since I want this to be my last mower purchase, I'm trying to do it right and do my research in advance. I am planning on trying at least one more mower - a Scag Tiger Cat II for comparison as it seems to have similar specs.

    Thoughts appreciated, thanks. Need to make a decision in the next week as my old mower is gone. Pic of my stripes for attention.

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  2. ggb6259

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    Speed of cut is not tied to specs. From what I've read here from experience, you vary speed depending on condition. Weather, grass type, thickness, height. There is absolutely know way I'm mowing anything at the rated 12mph of my mower. Its great for racing around the house or down the road but there is no way its going to cut a thick lush lawn at full speed. Cut speed varies based on condition.
  3. Mumblingboutmowers

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    Nice stripes. Looks great.
    Did you look to see if the 52in comes with the same motor because it may not. If you can't demo a 52 then I would not buy it based on the one you are demoing because they are set up differently if the mph is different. Two different machines. Can you widen the shed door or get another shed or build another shed off of the side of your current shed?
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  4. Charles

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    If you have all this money for mowers, then why not buy a bigger storage shed?:waving: Your lawn looks great btw! Nice job striping.
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  5. OP

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    Same motor (FX751V), data sheet also says 12cc hydros for both as well. Tires are a little smaller on the 52 vs the 60 (as they are for most of Exmark's lineup).

    Even though hydros are both 12 cc, I suspect something slightly different in the 52 that accounts for the lower rated speed.
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  6. hal

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    Find out what the difference is, if all the guts are the same, why is the 60 inch faster. You maybe able to adjust the 52 to speed it up a bit. Also look at other brands, scag, deere, ferris.... also husky or other off brands, wright, there are more. When you say the tires are smaller, is in width or diameter? You probably won't be able to tell the difference in speed once you get used to it.
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  7. OP

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    It’s like an inch of width and an inch of diameter.

    Like I said, I think I’m overthinking it. Just don’t want to be making a 4th purchase in another couple of years. I’m sure it’s light years better than my current mower.
  8. ggb6259

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    Hard not to when you spend the $$$$ but you're definitely overthinking it... :hammerhead:
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  9. JP in KC

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    All else being equal, wouldn't larger diameter rear wheels make the 60 faster?
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  10. TomH&H

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    Are you sure the 60 won't fit or is that just from eyeballing it? When my dad bought our first Lazer, he said it wouldn't fit in the shed, so we kept it under the deck with a tarp over it for a good year and a half. Finally got around to rebuilding the doors, so we went to take some measurements and found out the dang thing fit with 1/4 inch clearance on either side.
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