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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by mrmeaner, Jun 14, 2012.

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    I am need of some help tuning my irrigation system.

    A little background, I live on one acre outside city limits in Lubbock TX, with the drought of last year I have been trying to get my yard back in shape. I had a company replace the sprinkler system to accommodate a low water well output, this helped but tripled my zones in my yard. Since then I drilled and additional well and now have double the water and spent the money to sod the entire yard. Most of the yard is doing good but have a few hot spots that I think we can alleviate with a good design working with the system I already have. I would like someone to tune my system for the best is can be with what I have for a fee of course.

    I currently have a Hunter ICC 48 zone controller with Hunter PGP ultra(blue and red) spray heads throughout the system. With 2 water wells, I have a total of 21GPM and I am assuming 60psi to work with. 36 Zones including sprinklers, flower bed and tree drip. I combined stations since getting the second well and now have 19 stations.. 17 for yard and 1 each for flowerbeds and tree drip.

    I would like to have a printable drawing(pdf?) showing each head(gpm) that would give me the most efficient watering schedule. We installed Celebration Bermuda sod which is suppose to require 3/4 in per week. Would like recommendations on watering times per zone as per. I would be willing to change the hunter nozzle's to spec. Would be willing to provide address for google earth/maps for reference, as well as pdf drawing of current systems sprinkler locations and zones. Keep in mind I just need help tuning what I have and not to redo anything. would like to make what I have work the best it could

    Please let me know if is something you would like to tackle and what kind of price I am looking at. I have current pictures of the yard and could take more if needed to complete the job.

    Please post or PM me with contact info so we can discuss.

    Thanks in Advance
    John S.
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  2. jvanvliet

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    sorry wrong post
  3. mrmeaner

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    sorry if its the wrong forum I posted in the homeowner forum, just thought it would get more exposure in this fourm asking for profesional help
  4. Mike Leary

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    A slight Freudian slip on the spelling: it's "forum" and "professional".
  5. Sprinkus

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    Is your current irrigation contractor unwilling, or unable, to provide these services?
  6. mrmeaner

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    yes, he will not rerturn phone calls and/or texts. Although his crews work my area all the time. Not sure if i pissed him off or what. I can't really say I have been happy with his work in any regards so looking elsewhere at this point. I am just trying to make the best with what I have. This is the second irrgation system that I have paid for working with the original water well and while it works its not working the best it could. I would like to try to have eash head cover the correct distance and have the proper GPM to be most effiecent so I can properly water this 34k of brand new sod I just bought/ Like I said it waters the yard but I do have dry spots and some area which are full sun all day need more water with more gpm nozzles and I woudl like help with that.

    My yard guy(not licensed), tested most sprinker zone but to the point of just spraying water in that zone. Half of the zones have 1.5gpm 360 degress heads in the same zone as 1.5gpm heads in a 90 degree zone. This is what I would like someone to tell me how to tune based on zones, gpm, well output, reserve for each zone... I would like to get it exact as possible

  7. Sprinkus

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    I would suggest having the system that was installed/modified checked by a trusted irrigation auditor to see if there are design issues with the system.
    I just worked on a new system today where the 15' heads were spaced 22' apart.
    Here in TX you do have rights if the system was not properly installed.
  8. mrmeaner

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    well that what I am looking for is someone to audit my system that I have now. I belive all the head nozzles are 1.5gpm heads. Some most head are spread approx 15" throughout the yard but in the back where I am having the most problems they are approx 25' apart. My options are to replace nozzles with bigger one for more output and/or longer run times.

    I am not sure I have a claim as to a right to sue someone yet but would like to try and make my system work as it is now. I have my whole system mapped out as far as where the heads are and which zones are where but I am sure my irrigation system is not optimized as best as it could be at this point.

    I have had two other local companies and my yard guy look at my sprinkler system and say everything looks "good" but I still have hot spots and dry areas after watering. No one has suggested "lets turn down the front 2 zones which are pretty much shaded from the house all afternoon, replace nozzles from 1.5GPM to 3GPM in zones 14, 15, 16 and 17 to compensate for being in full sun all day. I guess that is what I am looking for is a professional to help me tell me what each zone is putting out, optimize the system, not over tax my 2 water wells, correct watering times ect..ect.. I do not mind bird dogging the spacing meaurements, changing gpm nozzles, reprogarmming the controller ect,,,ect,,, just need help doing so

    This is the second sprinker system installed by the same company, after I had problems with the first one because of water well issues. The first sprinkler systemwas designed around 12GPM per zone and my well dropped from 16GPM to 9GPM last yeat during the texas drought. He came out and installed and entire new system, including head, pvc, wiring and commercial controller to handle 32+ zones to run 6GPM. This allowed me to water but not very efficiently. Since then I drilled a new water will on my property and now have 21GPM to work with.
  9. Kiril

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    If you keep having people like boots looking at your system you will never get anywhere.

    Boots: Turns on system, takes a look and says ..... looks like everything is getting wet ..... whats the problem?
  10. Kiril

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    Just to cover all the bases since this is a doubled thread, there is no one who can help you online here. This is a eyes on site only job. There is a lot of subjective determinations to be made that need a trained eye. There is also hard data that needs to be collected. There is no way this can be done online. You need to find a qualified soils, plant and irrigation auditor who can also provide GIS mapping survey of your property. This is what I do, but thankfully I do not live in TX or I would help you out. ;)

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